LCD box content screen fully transparent

    LCD box content screen fully transparent

    The transparent display is designed to let your products do the storytelling. Lightweight structure is not only flexible for display allocation but also ideal for showcasing exquisite high-end luxuries. Your customers can clearly view products through the highly transparent box while interacting with the vivid digital information on the outside screen. Plus the built-in speakers, plug-and-play capability, and multimedia connectivity, there is no need for PC purchasing, complex setting and cable hassles. On switching on, you can soon have the product story told in a captivating tone.

    Display screen fully transparent LCD blue

    Transparent LCD displays are one of the latest innovations in interactive screens.

    They don’t have a blacklight layer integrated, so they do need a background light to reflect colors, but this means the display itself features a unique thinness, which allows the screen to be transparent. But, this also means they need to have a backlight installed behind, which does not allow the transparent LCD to be fixed on a window, the system works as a box, and that is usually how we use them.

    Ultra Vivid Transparent Imagery Transmission

    Featuring an exclusive pixel design, the transparent displays strike a perfect balance between the desired transparency effect and excellent optical performance and a color depth of up to 16.7 million colors per interface. In addition, to achieve the highest display versatility, the level of transparency can be adjusted according to the lighting source in your environment and the style and feature of the displayed content.

    Showcase your products with innovation

    Attract more with our innovative transparent displays, combining an interactive screen effect through the merchandise display and image information. These can be ideal to highlight your exquisite products in season to effectively boost the sales.

    Street Co’ offers transparent box display, giving you great convenience to instantly showcase your star products at diverse occasions like museums, exhibitions, and boutique window decorations with the captivating motion graphics played on the outside screen.

    LCD box screen fully transparent display asian art


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