KslimII packshot



  • Mosrt affordable commercial LED Display
KslimII better overall performance

Upgraded for better overall performance

Upgrade highlights :

  • More pixel pitch options
  • Lighter and thinner cabinet design
  • More creative shapes
  • Dual backup system

Supreme Visual Experience

  • KslimII can convert SDR source to HDR source, present a smoother content.
  • 1.9 / 2.5 / 2.9 / 3.9 pixel are available
  • Brightness adjustement up to 700 nits
  • Colour temperature adjustment up to 9 300K
  • SDR source conversion
KslimII supreme visual experience
KslimII cabinet design optimization

Cabinet Design Optimization

KslimII can be carried by one person, which can reduce the TCO with less labor cost

  • Lighter design : cabinet weight : 21kg/m2
  • Thinner design : the thickness is less than half of Kslim : 39.6mm
  • Various creative shapes : Available in 500mm*700mm cabinets, KslimII can create multiple shapes such as corner, hanging, ceiling, double-sided screen, etc…

More Flexibility

More Flexibility with 500mm*750mm cabinet. Portrait installation & landscape installation are available, unloc more possibility

KslimII flexibility
KslimII User friendly design

User-friendly Design

  • Loww power consumption than Kslim
  • Fast lock design : easy installation in a short time
  • Fully Front & Rear Accessible : easy maintenance by one person
  • Stable Operation : Power & Data redundancy
  • KslimII all-round improves user experience with a user-friendly design

Management System

Ucare intelligentt management platform can detecct LED screens and peripheral facility states during screen operation.

  • Full link equipment monitoring : LED Display screens, receiving card, transmitter, splice processor, PLC Controller, workstation

The management system help to detect monitoring status of screen and track abnormal information in time, deliver information to customers and cloud server, so maintenance personnel can quickly respond and solve operation faults.

KslimII Management system

Fast installation, easy maintenance