Interactive LED floor Planet 13 Superstore Las vegas


    New interactive floor with bespoke games for Planet 13 Superstore Las Vegas


    Rated as one of the top premier Las Vegas marijuana dispensaries Planet 13
    strives to provide the best quality recreational cannabis, cannabis extracts, and infused products available at competitive prices and with compassion that can only come from those who are knowledgeable in the field.


    Street Co’, has been contacted by Planet 13 to help developing the interactive and wow touch to his new flagship in Las Vegas nevada.

    After a long brainstorming Larry Scheffler and his team has finally decided to treat their customer with this interactive giant floor TV.

    Planet 13 Superstore + Entertainment Complex for Recreational Marijuana, will open this upcoming 31 October

    And will showcase for the first time to their lovely customer their brand new giant LED floor interactif.

    As a top Las Vegas dispensary, Planet 13 strives to provide the best quality recreational cannabis, cannabis extracts, and infused products available.

    Creating an interactive floor will absolutely help the newly created flagship store to entertain customers. This interactive digital touch is expected to be very popular amongst Planet 13’s customers’.

    This floor has for objectif to help retaining customers and bring them a fun and playful environment.




    We are building the next generation of gesture tracking platform with endless possibilities. Use this technology to create large Interactive Floor surfaces with no projection only LED product no projection is being used.

    With state of the art sensor – 16 sensor per unit panel of 500mm x 500mm and built-in computer loaded with advanced gesture tracking software, it is compact as well as powerful.

    Interactive LED floor enables corporate and brand engagement using branded games and interactive effects which can turn around how customers or employees perceive your company.

    If engaging kids in a hygenic, safe and entertaining way is what you are looking for then Interactive LED floor games by Street Co’ is one of the most robust platforms around. Interactive Floors and Interactive Walls created with Street Co’ can convert any space into an unforgettable fun-filled experience.


    Whether you’re creating an interactive floor projection for your sensory room or autism therapy center, augmenting a kid’s play area with an interactive display, or installing an interactive floor system to advertise at an event, our LED floor interactive solution is the best solution.

    This interactive led flooring was designed to make is super easy for therapists, teachers, and even parents to set up an interactive floor for special needs children. Now it’s also the preferred system for advertisers, event planners, audio visual companies.


    The screen was composed by


    • 60 tiles of 500mm x 500mm
    • The pitch used was 5,2mm interactive floor
    • For a total resolution of 1150 * 480 px
    • Consumption Max 16A (17.6 KW.H) – Average 6A (0.66 KW.H)
    • 3sqm spare parts
    • CPU Unit: i7 – 8GB ram – Hard disk 512 SSD
    • Distance screen to control room 41’
    • Production time was 25 days
    • Delivery time was 30 days by sea
    • Screen depth: 84mm thickness
    • LED legs support structure between: 72mm to 101mm adjustable
    • 8 games tailored to this project


    Interactive floor game LED diagram

    Diagram showing the cabling system betweeen LED processor – Computer – interactive sending box

    This diagram is for reference to know how the LED connection are being made. We have added a main and a backup signal through 2 processors so if one fail the other should send the signal back so the content will never drop.

    Interactive floor game power and signal diagram

    Diagram showing the cabling system for powering the circuit and and the signal of the floor interactive screen.

    The screen run 10 electrical circuits to power 60 LED floor tiles in order to avoid a complete blackout if the power were to be cut. Each line hold 5 LED panels and maximum consumption is 16,6KW. This diagram is for reference to know how the power is being connected. All cables are labeled and directly connected to the control room.


    The screen was composed by


    • The floor was recessed inside the floor
    • We used 5 conduits to bring power through 10 circuit
    • 2 Signal input One working as back up and one as a main signal
    • Size: Length: 19’10″
    • LED Model Goldenwire
    • Size: Width 8’4
    • Module Size (mm) 250×250
    • Tile size (mm) 500×500
    • Resolution (WxH) 48×48
    • Driver MBI SMD – 5120
    • Refresh Rate 1940Hz
    • Scan Type 1/8
    • Brightness (nits) 3500
    • Led Brand Nationstar
    • Both indoor and outdoor use


    Interactive LED floor games installation steps:

    A . Install the Led leg one on each corner

    B . Prepare the wiring of each section

    C . Lay down the LED panel

    D . Put them together on each quarter of leg

    E . Level the floor making sure each module is flush with each other and with the edge of each floor

    F . On the software make the mapping to set the complete image

    The screen was composed by


    • Kids’ Play Areas
    • Playschools and Kindergartens
    • Crèches
    • Corporate Experience Centres
    • Kids’ Gymnasiums
    • Hospitals
    • Malls
    • Events and Brand Activations
    • Internal Corporate Events/ Team Building
    • Retail Establishments
    • Roadshows
    • Exhibitions and Tradeshows
    • nteractive Lobby/ Floor Mat Experiences
    • Both indoor and outdoor use


    Not expensive

    Making an interactive floor doesn’t have to be hard or expensive.

    Our competitors charge recurring monthly fees, and prefer to make their products difficult to use, so you’ll pay more for support.

    They also supply their own hardware, making maintenance more difficult, less flexible, and much less affordable.

    Software & Script game

    Street co’s interactive the software is the most widely used interactive floor LED floor software in the industry, with over 50 installations, and lot of new installations launching each month.

    Our interactive floor works with any compatible LED tile and computer. You can choose hardware that fits your budget and hire a local audio visual installer, reducing costs by thousands of dollars.

    You can also create with our team your own bespoke floor LED tile game.

    Work with us

    The largest collection of games/Effects available.

    Patented, code-free content creation tools and not required monthly fees.