Innovative Flexible shape LED screen display indoor Pitch 4mm

    Flexible LED curved donut display wave shapes

    Street communication is specialized on the design, production and installation of innovative. LED screen display indoor and outdoor from Pitch 1.9mm to 12mm outdoor.
    with any size and shape. We have a team of structural and LED engineers to come up with all calculation engineering drawings. This project was done for a UK customer who wanted to add a digital original touch to his premises. We came up with this S shape LED screen to be integrated within their wall – It gives 3D feel and add to the wall an innovative touch to this curve, flexible LED screen display.


    Methodology curved led

    a. Design construction plans of the product and solution. Our team of LED product design, designer and engineer will come up with few safe and convenient options based on the structure your team will share with us – That will be shared on commissioning.

    b. LED modules manufacturing. The modules will be specifically designed and manufactured for the structure.

    c. Pre-assembly of LED modules at warehouse

    d. Test in warehouse

    e. Product and solution adjustment if needs to be

    f. Transport and delivery on site

    g. On-site installation

    h. Video signal test

    i. Content management & broadcasting test onsite

    Technical LED Configuration

    curved LED S shape

    Led Technical Configuration

    Street Commmunication is a specialist of unconventional LED shape and specifically cylinder and S shapes LED We have been installing 30+ projects across the world. Street Communication will design a complete bespoke solution to integrate the flexible LED panel into the existing structure. The flexible LED panel will cover the complete housing space allocated for it. For health and safety, screens’ components (Power supplier, cables, receiving cards etc..) will be embedded into the LED cabinet. All technical parameters related to those screens will be shared after commissioning such as:

    1. LED product / solution design
    2. Installation system
    3. Electricity requirements
    4. Control system
    5. Maintenance / Logistic

    This proposal describes the methodology and costs associated to the product design, manufacture and delivery of a High definition full flexible LED with P1.923, P2.6, and P3.125 SMD. LED Screens to be installed. Street Communication will manufacture and design the entire solution system specifically for the structure.

    LED dimensions:

    Calculation with Width 25 cm

    – 1st Column : 7.175 sqm

    – 2nd Column : 7.175 sqm

    Total dimensions: 14.35 sqm

    Street Communication team of LED and structural engineers, Designers will come up with Engineering structural drawings, stability calculation, 3D model and execution. All requirements that were discussed in the initial brief have been taken into account including purpose, measurements and planning.

    Flexible curved LED display S shapes 901x1201

    Notes :

    1. Payment Terms: 50% before production, balance 50% before delivery

    2. Production Lead time: 45 days

    3. Costings include project management

    4. Support: Installation will be done by Street Communication’s team of engineers.

    5. Free Training: 4 days of free training will be provided for few members of client’s staff for the use of screens.

    6. Validity: This quotation is valid 1 months, starting on the date of creation.

    7. Guarantee time: We provide 3 full year guarantee with free maintenance, free labour and parts – During this time, we will replace or amend all your goods within 6 working days for free if there is something wrong with the system.
    We also provide the operation manual, software, test report and so on. Any associated CAD drawing and some other expert suggestion will be provided.

    8. We offer an extra 2 years warranty for 20% of the initial cost.

    9. Others: After the project, client should clear the balance within 3 days, or Street Communication will charge interests of 0.05% of the total value every day.

    If you are interested to create an innovative LED curved flexible display screen with LED feel free to fill in the form here and our team will be glad to help.

    Amongst our specialities we can find:

    Flexible LED / LED stairs / Curved LED display/ Transparent LED/ Architectural LED/ LED display architectural/ Column LED display/ Cylinder LED/ Donut LED display/ Ceiling LED display/ LED display screen/ Circle LED/ Custom LED/ Client: Integrator under NDA/ Tasks: Design, proposal design, production and installation of the curved indoor LED wall pitch 4mm/ Lieu : London/ Dates : 4 December 2015 –

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