Innopad greater flexibility



  • Innovative Flexible LED
Greater flexibility innopad led screen

Greater Flexibility

  • – Adjustable curve with angle up to +-45°
  • – Allow for column, right-angle, concave and convex orientations.

One-Handed Adjustment

  • Advanced mechanical conduction design enables fast operation with only one hand.

1 : Rotate the handle to bend the screen
2 : Reset the handle to lock the screen
3 : Rotate the hndle to bend the screen
4 : Reset the handle to lock the screen

Innopad One handed adjustment
innopad detachable module

Detachable module

Full detachable module, control box, and curve locking mechanism for easy maintenance.

Hot Plugging

  • – High-end rental application
  • – Quick maintenance whitout turning off the power
Innopad hot plugging
Innopad quick lock system

Quick lock system

one-key fast assembling/disassembling

Hanging System

Hanging System Innopad
Innopad Grond Stacking System

Ground Tracking System