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Planet 13 – Indoor LED

Planet 13 - Indoor LED

video indoor led screen on planet 13

Client : planet 13 choose an indoor led screen

Our Customer Planet 13 for this project is one of the leaders in the cannabis industry. It is in fact, the LARGEST cannabis store in the entire world! There Las Vegas superstore location, as well as there smaller Orange County location is major tourist attraction for all.

This superstore focuses on quality and creativity, and it shows. We had worked with Planet 13 in the past to do their Interactive LED floor when they first opened up, since then, there have been nothing but improvements made to the facility. With a restaurant, delivery service, cannabis gallery, and more, Planet 13s superstore is extremely impressive.

Context / environment

Street Co had been contacted directly to work with Planet 13 once again on their new expansion project. This expansion of the superstore will entail various new spaces and creative lighting effects that fits the cultural theme and technologically driven space that Planet 13 has called their own.

Planet 13 does not just want to be the best, they want to remain the best!

Indoor LED 95ft Screen!

For this expansion, we had been sought out by our customer to provide an indoor LED screen that is out of this world! For this particular solution, we provided Planet 13 with a roughly 14ft tall, by 94 ft wide LED display. This display has a pixel pitch of 2.6, and runs as the main attraction for the new expansion. This LED wall is mounted behind the new sales desk that P13 is incorporating for a more efficient customer experience.

Client objective :

  • Unique, and inviting technology that provides a WOW factor
  • Create something that fits well with their technological driven atmosphere
  • Create a great experience for everyone visiting the building

Solution: install indoor led display

We had worked with P13s executive team to get an idea of what they wanted, what audience their targeting, and how this can create a more inclusive impact with their customers. We gathered all their info. to provide suggestions, and ultimately make a decision to go with the P2.6 Indoor LED Wall.

We started with:

  • Consultation; Coordinating with several Architects, Electrical engineers, Building Managers, Construction team, and the CEO’s of Walnut to make sure we suggest the best pricing and LED products that fit their concepts for the space.
  • Price Matrix: We provided them with a very easy, insightful, informative, and broad array of pricing and products to fit their budget.
  • Proposed 3D visuals of how the space would look
  • Engineered CAD files for their Structural Engineers and Electrical engineers
  • Detailed execution plan for the 94ft displays
  • Full turnkey solution
  • Project Management
  • On-site Install team
  • Programming

Objective- They wanted to have something new for their expansion that really catches the attention of new customers. They wanted resolution to be high, and the content to be extremely clear. Their goal was to have a screen that would be on all social media platforms, and really help give their superstore a competitive edge.(Not that they need it)

The project has a full 2-year warranty

Materials & laboUr to set up an indoor led display

Pitch 4mm / Flexible indoor-UVW

  • Cabinet size: W1640xH1600
  • Cabinet qty: 11pcs
  • Flex Module Indoor LED Screen
  • Pixel Pitch:4mm
  • LED Config: SMD 2020 LED lamps from Nationstar
  • Brightness: 1000nits/m2
  • Refresh rate: ≥3000Hz(MBI5252)
  • Scan rate:1/13
  • Total of 73 sqm
  • We used 13 circuits lines
  • 2 Signal input: One working as back up and one as the main signal
  • The control system uses a Nova VX6S
  • LED Model Goldenwire
  • 920k px

Interactive LED Floor

  • 93 ft wide steel structure
    • The structure was pieced into four pieces to fit into the actual doors of the superstore
  • 1 Novastar H15
  • 1 Novastar ET 4000 Master
  • 1 Street Co Team Including:
    • 3 Installers
    • 1 Project Manager
    • 1 Lead technician
  • 1 Monitor

The following steps took place:

  1. Design construction plans of the product and installation system/solution. Our team of LED product designers and engineers came up with stability calculations, 3D model, execution drawings and few safe and convenient options based on the ceiling structure.
  2. Design of the fixture solution system that takes into account the weight of the LED and the capability of the furniture
  3. LED modules manufacturing. The modules will be specifically designed and manufactured for the furniture.
  4. Pre-assembly of LED modules at the warehouse
  5. Test in warehouse
  6. Product and solution adjustment if necessary
  7. Production and manufacturing
  8. Transport and delivery onsite
  9. On-site installation

It took 3 days to install the prototype screen with a crew of 3 staff.


For this particular screen, we had used a steel structure. The thing with a steel structure is not everything is not every angle will be precisely as you want it to be. So, while installing our structure, there were some small touch ups we had to do to the attaching points of the structure to the backing of their steel studded wall so it can be exactly the way we need it to be for an efficient install of the LED cabinets + modules.

Impact : indoor led screen in their shop

This almost 100ft wide LED wall sits in the largest superstore on the planet! This LED screen will provide a one in a lifetime experience where technology and cannabis come together for the ultimate social media extravaganza. This LED wall, along with all of Planet 13s new customer oriented development plans will solidify their presence as the worlds greatest cannabis store.


  • Engineering CAD / 3D  / Solid works
  • Installation
  • Power/signal connection designs
  • Interior Design
  • Technology System Design
  • AV integration
  • User Experience


  • Date: 2021

  • Location: Las Vegas,Nevada USA

  • Status: COMPLETED

  • Client : Planet 13

  • Team: Street Co’ Paris + Street Co’ Shenzhen

install of indoor led screen on planet 13

Best Pitch With the Ration Distance / Resolution

Indoor use :


OUTdoor use :


OUTdoor use :


Quality Control At Factory for a indoor led screen

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