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Indoor LED

Indoor LED

indoor led display

what is an indoor led ?

Indoor fixed LED display is a screen composed of LED which can display all kinds of dynamic contents.

Indoor LED display is one of the easiest screens to install and is equipped with the most advanced technology. Indoor lED display offers the highest luminescence and brightness while providing better impact, more colorful and sharper than any other LED display.

Unlike outdoor LED, the current dominant technology for indoor is surface-mounted diodes (SMD) – LED light “packages” that have become progressively smaller than DIP.

The tiny SMD light packages have enabled indoor displays to have pixel pitches as low as 0,8mm – creating displays that offer crisp visuals that rival those of LCD and QLED displays, even from less than 10 feet away.

Indoor fixed LED displays can be used for a variety of applications and have a variety of purposes, uses and benefits. They can be used in different locations for multiple purposes.

Street Communication is one of the leaders in the field of indoor LED displays and will provide you with the best LED displays on the market in the shortest time possible.

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why using indoor led screens ?

adaptable to all
types of surfaces

In addition to the “standard” mounting on a wall or in a window, the indoor LED screen can also be modulated in all types of shapes, curve or cubed for example. Ideal to decorate pillars or curved walls, but also to embellish neutral spaces.

There are many ways to interact with your customer. For example, you can create an interaction with a customer or visitor via cameras, an interactive screen or a modular form.


indoor led
screen rental

For innovative communication to entertain or amaze your audience at an event, choosing an indoor LED screen is the right choice.

Visitors are much more likely to be interested in a booth equipped with a LED screen. On an indoor LED screen, your business content will be highlighted and seen more.

The price of an indoor LED screen varies depending on the size, model and resolution of the screen. Street Co’s team can offer you a solution that fits your project and budget.


easy installation

Our team offers support from project creation to installation of your indoor LED screen. We even offer maintenance for any request concerning your indoor screen.

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why install an indoor led ?

Indoor LED displays can show high resolution images and videos. You can choose the brightness of your LED display, so that it can be seen from outside, even in daylight.

The possibilities are infinite with indoor LED displays.

  • A video wall that follows the shape of the escalator or a full-width LED wall on a reception desk ?
  • LED on the floor to attract attention ?
  • A LED column to enhance your store ?

Anything is possible with an indoor LED display.

The indoor LED screen is the perfect communication tool for your company or association.

EXAMPLES OF indoor led screen

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