In-Glass transparent LED on building facade integrated directly inside the glass

    Due to its transparency and aesthetic design, glass has become an essential must-use building material in modern architecture. Nowadays throughout the world, typically more than 80% of building surface is covered with glass and moreover, glass is used ubiquitously in interior design.

    “How fun would architecture become if we can give media function to glass?” Street Communication from this simple imagination. Now with successful development of Smart Glass, the world’s first ever electronic building material, Street Communication has become world’s one and only leading manufacturer and distributor of Smart Glass.

    Smart Glass is a truly interactive building material with full media functionality and even capable of two-way communication bred by convergence of architecture and electronic industry. I personally believe that this revolutionary product will strongly influence modern architectural trends throughout the world.
    We, Street Communication, will continue to strive to deliver high quality products and customer satisfaction through continued dedicated R&D and upgraded service effort. Not only that, we promise to develop Street Communication into a world-class institution providing differentiated value and out-of-the-box building material solution to the worldwide architectural industry.

    Turn your glass facade into a vast canvas for you imagination with our interactive media facades.

    Create iconic, media-enabled architecture that excites and inspires with relevant messages. Project who you are into the urban environment.

    Fully transparent

    Our LED glass technology is 99.7% transparent. We use patented micro LED technology in the construction of our laminated smart-glass products.

    Architectural grade durability

    LEDs are rated at 100,000 hours of operation at full power and protected inside a laminated glass structure. This truly makes S-GLASS media glass an architectural grade material.

    You can design a building with a glass-media facade. Yet without compromising on aesthetic beauty by adding additional LED fittings to the outside of the structure. We can deliver S-GLASS media glass with tempered cover glass fittings and as part of an IGU, adding to both its toughness and insulating qualities.

    Dynamic art, information, and advertising

    With S-GLASS media glass, you have an unparalleled level of media facade display capability. It’s your grand canvas on which you can paint.

    Project who you are and your values out into the community. Display beautiful dynamic art, marking your building iconic and relevant. Deliver information to the geographical community and advertise on a vast scale. Your media facade can now become a revenue generator in a whole new way.


    Logo laser etched circuitLASER ETCHED CIRCUITS

    Laser etching – the laser etching machine in use, is capable to process circuit patterned design onto glass surfaces. The current maximum size of Conducting Glass that can be processed with the machine at high speed is at 3m x 2m and is understood to be the largest of its type worldwide. In addition the machine is able to process the patterns in an error default rate below the micrometer scale.

    resin curing


    Mounting machine – the mounting machines in use differ from ordinary SMT machines commonly in use, and are capable to place LED modules. With the possibility to process glasses with the dimension of 3m x 2m, the machines in use are currently the world’s largest chip-mounting SMT machine in the world, who can produce smart glass in mass production scale.

    LED mountingRESIN CURING

    Resin – the resin developed is a special resin that is injected between the Conducting Glass and the cover glass, which bonds after a chemical reaction the two glasses together. Furthermore, it not only exhibits a unique and necessary viscosity level to be processed as desired, it also matches due to its glass cohesion ability, the light refractive index and its chemical composition the classification as a special safety glass with insulating features.




    With the Partition solution using glass, interior architectural solutions for partitioning can fill the space with media functional glass and can be filled with adjustable and suitable media content and fulfill the needs of a non-transparent wall – with additional media content filling features.



    Floor with glass at buildings can be installed at suitable places in the floor, and meet all security requirements for a floor installation, with the additional features of a full media functional structural safety floor.

    resin curing


    Handrail are applications for outdoor use and it is especially suited for handrail installations where the visual effect of a handrail can be maximized for passing by pedestrians with the use of glass. Glass is installed outside the railing and can further lend the handrail a safety feature due to its visibility of the media installation onto the glass.



    Ceiling with glass can be installed inside suitable places in the ceiling and do not only enlighten the space of the installation, it can also be filled with adjusted and suitable content according to customer’s needs.

    show window


    Installations of showrooms and booths can be further enhanced with the use of glass, the installation can be given a special frame in order to maximize the exhibition effect of the relevant product and can further elevate the installation into a show-room for the product with maximum display effect.


    full transparency

    Full Transparency

    The embedded LEDs and circuits are not noticeable during an inoperative state, so that the glass is recognized as normal/transparent glass.

    Reinforced Durability

    Reinforced Durability

    The two glass panels of glass are joint together by a resin layer similar to the layering technique used for bullet proof glass which maximizes durability and prevents shattering.

    No Discoloration

    No Discoloration

    Unlike conducting-film based circuits which can show yellow tint over time, glass has circuits etched onto the inner glass plates and is free of discoloration.



    The glass can transform buildings into a medium for visual arts, interactive multimedia and advertisements (Architectural Entertainment).

    Low Heat Conduction

    Low Heat Conduction

    The exterior layer can be optimized for heat insulation in order to dramatically reduce heat conduction.

    Maintains Glass Color

    Maintains Glass Color

    During the daytime the original glass facade color created by sunlight is maintained, while producing colorful images during the night.

    Diverse Functionality

    Diverse Functionality

    Functional features include the ability to block UV light, reduce noise and insulate from heat

    Minimal Installation Space

    Minimal Installation Space

    Unlike seperate installations of architectural glass and media facades, the integrated G-Glass dramatically reduces the architectural space requirements

    Variety of Glass Types

    Variety of Glass Types

    Options such as UV coating and solar power enabled versions are available to suit different needs and environments.