In-Glass integrated LED transparent

Glass integrated LED transparent

Due to its transparency and aesthetic design, glass has become an essential must-use building material in modern architecture. Nowadays throughout the world, typically more than 80% of building surface is covered with glass and moreover, glass is used ubiquitously in interior design.

“How fun would architecture become if we can give media function to glass?” Street Communication from this simple imagination. Now with successful development of Glass, the world’s first ever electronic building material, Street Communication has become world’s one and only leading manufacturer and distributor of Glass.

Glass is a truly interactive building material with full media functionality and even capable of two-way communication bred by convergence of architecture and electronic industry. I personally believe that this revolutionary product will strongly influence modern architectural trends throughout the world.

Integrated LED glass showcase

Resin curing

Resin – the resin developed is a special resin that is injected between the Conducting Glass and the cover glass, which bonds after a chemical reaction the two glasses together. Furthermore, it not only exhibits a unique and necessary viscosity level to be processed as desired, it also matches due to its glass cohesion ability, the light refractive index and its chemical composition the classification as a special safety glass with insulating features.

Show window

Installations of showrooms and booths can be further enhanced with the use of glass, the installation can be given a special frame in order to maximize the exhibition effect of the relevant product and can further elevate the installation into a show-room for the product with maximum display effect.

Zoom LED integrated glass