Immersive Donut Concave LED Display

Introducing the immersive Donut shaped concave LED Display Screen this flexible, high-quality curved LED display with this innovative “warp around” screen, allows endless possibilities for creating new and unique architectual concepts.

With our products any size / diameter / height is possible to equip with flexible LED.
Good for OUTDOOR or INDOOR permanent installations or for rental in events, concerts, TV studios, clubs, decoration etc…We can also manufacture screen, up to a brightness of 5,000 nits!
We can also produce any type of curved screen in any pitch, indoor or outdoor – All we need is initial drawings of your project alongside with your dream screen !

The perfect new and infinitive LED display design, perfect for making big statements in large spaces like shopping centres, cinemas, airports and so on to get eye catching results.

It can have a stunning display effect, which can be widely used for shopping malls, government building, hotels, private residential, museum, retail boutiques, square, meeting halls and so on.

The Donut Concave LED display creates a new viewing experience for the public, to experience technology like never before.

By using a pixel pitch range from as small as 3,1-8mm it means the level of quality is as clear as sitting in front of a plasma screen television.