Olympia Lighting planned to obtain SGS certified ISO9001 in 2020. Our current production and quality management are following with ISO system.

Samples within 7 days. Standard orders within 10-18 days.

Olympia Lighting obtains more than 20 patents related to LED Neon Strip, lighting fixture, connectors design, and electric circuit design.

The products have obtained CE, UL certifications and are RoHS and REACH compliant. Moreover, IP68 & IK08 test reports, flame resistance test report, etc. are available.

Yes, once you can offer project picture, or lighting design, or CAD drawing and your requirements, we will offer connection diagram to you within 3 working days for free.

Yes, dimming (0-100%) is available when using a PWM controller. All our products can be dimmed using 0-10V, DMX512 and Dali system.

Our RGB lighting fixtures can be controlled by 3-channel PWM controllers, and it accepts DMX512 control signal as well. We offer both SPI/TTL and direct DMX for pixel lighting fixtures. For SPI, the IC we adopted are UCS8903(RGB)/ UCD8904(RGBW). The DMX IC we adopted are UCS512C series. If SPI lighting fixture needs to be controlled by DMX, a DMX-SPI decoder is required. However, DMX IC can accept DMX512 signal without any DMX decoder. The difference between RGB/RGBW product and RGB/RGBW pixel product is that RGB/RGBW series have ability to change colors, but all the LEDs change to the same color at once, can’t be changed by each section. The RGB/RGBW pixel series have a control chip (IC) built into each cutting unit and they can have their color individually controlled independent of each other.


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① Shape Model

② Working Volts

③ LED Type

④ LED Qty

⑤ Working Mode

⑥ Color

Constant voltage power supply is required for all of our low voltage lighting fixtures. We would like to suggest to select the power supply that is around 20% higher than the actual loading to achieve longer lifespan. For example, for a 10meter length 12W/m LED neon strip, the actual loading is approximate 120W in total, it would be better to select the 150W power supply.

Olympia Lighting warrants finished products to be free of manufacturing defects in material and workmanship for a standard period of 3 year warranty stated from the date of purchase unless otherwise or with an extended warranty available upon request.

We normally use Epistar LED Chip from Taiwan, in addition, Nichia LED from Japan is optional.

Explanation about “Sideview” and “Topview”

For our standard production run on models in our current line, we don’t have MOQ. Regarding specific requirements, please consult with our sales.

The maximum permissible distance between the lighting fixture and power supply is dependent on light fixture loading (length) and conductor size. The distance should be shorter for longer length of fixture (higher loading) due to voltage drop issue, the cable size should be increased or fixture length should be decreased to allow longer distance.Please contact our sales department for further information.

Ours sales team are also working with customer service backed by the QC, R&D and Manufacture Dept to take care of the warranty issue. If the claim information is complete and adequate, our Customer Service Team will send back analysis report within 3 working days and offer relevant solution.

Firstly we’ll need your help to fill our 8D report, take pictures /videos about faulty and any other supporting documentation for the claim, and send the report to our sales representative or customer service staff. Samples may be returned back for inspection upon request by Olympia Lighting.