LED Meteor Shower Light


LED Meteor light is the straight LED tube series, specially used for decoration.
When it is on, the tube shines a flash of lightming like meteors shotting across the sky.
Due to this magic light effect, it is named meteor light.


1. LED Meteor light size(cm): Ø12*(300mm/500mm/800mm),
2. Tube QTY: 10tubes per set;
3. Working Voltage: 12V;
4. Appearance: cone type
5. Material: Imported PC + LED Lamp beads
6. Waterproof Grade: IP68
7. Angle: 360 degrees
8. Power: 7~10W
9. Working Enviroment: -20C~; 45C
10. Color: Red/Yellow/Green/White/Blue



Widely be used in kinds of festival days, decorating house/garden parties pub.
Outdoor and indoor are available.