IP68 Waterproof LED Fairy String Light with Strong Rubber Cable for Outdoor Decoration
Product advantage:

1. whole product is of waterproof IP68 rating, can bear terrible rainstorm

2. product is of Φ3.3mm rubber cable and copper wire, can work under -50ºC~80ºC

3. super bright Φ8mm Led chip, 12 Lm/Led

4. with IP68 waterproof male and female connector, can be linkable one by one

Different type plug is available, one plug can run 20sets, totally 200m.
Cable color and led light color can be selected based on your application.

1. Outdoor & Indoor Decoration
2. Christmas Decoration for Christmas trees, Windows, Street, Garden, Squares.
3. Other festival Display
4. Tourist resort

More detailed photos: