Bobo Balloon

Floated Helium Bobo Balloons with Copper LED String Light

The balloon needs to be filled with helium to float up, filled with air can not float up!
Needed 2 AA batteries (not include)


1. Small package size:
2. Easy to use: with a pump blowing helium
3. With switch: switch is sensitive smooth self-locking switch, unlike the mechanical plastic switch on the market, often stuck. Or not open, or can not afford to off.
4. The first is beautiful, the second is to ensure that the transport process will never leak.
5. Replaceable battery accessories, high capacity, uninterrupted power! (With switch control)


Packing information:

Carton size: 52*42*42cm
Gross Weight:19KGS
QTY: 500pcs/CTN


Using for marriage, celebrations, birthdays, festivals, parties and so on.

Floated-Helium-Bobo-Balloons-with-Copper-LED-String-Light (4)