Holographic 3D suspension images m series

M Series

Holographic invisible screen M series

  • High Definition, Real Invisibility
Holographic Transparent Led Module Face

Holographic invisible led screen

transparent and Invisible whole screen

  • The whole screen is transparent without frame;
  • It is seamlessly spliced in a large area;
  • The back side is invisible without floodlight.
Holographic 3D suspension images m series
Holographic Transparent LED Module 250mm(w) x 1000mm(h) or 250mm(w) x 1200mm(h)

Holographic 3D suspension images

Display effect of 3D holographic and spatial suspension images.

Transparent and excellent image quality

  • Equally spaced pixel laayout for high-definition image quality;
  • Static scanning with combined diver board for table images;
  • 16bit gray scale ith exquisite colors.
transparent and excellent image quality m series
High brightness and high contrast m series

High brightness & high contrast

9000:1 (high contrast)
5000cd/m2 (high brightness)
Dazzling and eye-catching.

Light weight of 6kg/m2

  • With professional aesthetic design, the display screen is lightweight and beautiful and weighs only 6kg/m2.
light weight of 6kg per square meter m series
m series thighness_

As thin as 1.8mm

The thickness of the screen is less than 2mm, and it is seamlessly attached on a curved surface to show an integral whole on the transparent glass.

Flexible and cuttable

  • Standar module can be bent and cut with flexible and skillful applications. It is the best partner of curved glass and irregular screens.
flexible and cuttable m series
minimal installation and maintenance m series

Minimal installation and maintenance

The products is modular and can be directly attached to the front or back side of transparent glasss wwithout damaging the original structure of the building or affecting indoor lighting.

Ultra clear and ultra thin, high transparency and high temperature resistant high end materials are used. The light board is perfectly designed to easily achieve a permeability of up to 80%. The overall mounting without a structural skeleton, the screen body can be spliced left and right, up and down, and can achieve a display height or width of 2.4-3 meters. Commercial window, glass curtain wall and other indoor and outdoor scenes.

Fast installation, easy maintenance