HNA Series packshot

HNA Series

HNA Series

  • Indoor fixed installation 16:9 small spacing products
HNA Series packshot

Fixed Indoor LED Screen

product overview

  • HDR HD display
  • Intelligent modules
  • Good flatness
  • One screen at a multi-purpose
  • Full front maintenance
  • Cabinet size : 600×337,5x40mm
    Module size : 150×337,5mm
  • Multi-assembly
  • Widely application
  • Design for indoor/fix
HNA Series Content
Yoga Series Top-cob supported

top-cop supported

Yoga series can be TOP-COB supported, which can achieve high level of anti-collision, anti-water, anti-dust, protecting screen effectively, work properly in corrosive, damp and mist environments.

16:9 ratio standard screen

  • It can make big screen ith 16:9 ratio freely, which can match the majority of standard video perfectly.

  • It can make 2K, 4K and 8K big screen ideally and reflect the video content in its most real status at largest, by matching dot-to-dot content displaying.
HNA Series 16-9 ratio standard screen
HNA Series HDR HD display

HDR HD Display

  • Full name is High-Dynamic Range.

  • HDR screens can display images in high brightness perfectly. By enhancing the contrast of details in the video greatly, it can show details in both light and shado more clear.
  • HNA fine pitch series supports HDR function, with brillant display effects and great ability to show color in its most real status.

4 in 1 and 2 in 1 pixel integration

IMD integrated packaging, super adhesion of solder pad and easy maintenance.

HNA Series 4 in 1 and 2 in 1 pixel integration
HNA Series Lamp energy-saving technology

Lamp energy-saving technology

High brightness and low energy-consumption, it can increase 20% brightness or decrease 20% consumption for better heat dissipation and better contrast.

intelligent modules

  • Store and manage calibration data, LED panel information, module parameters and detect the broken LED by dots intelligently.
  • suppor to load parameter data and backup the calibration data.
HNA Series Intelligent modules
HNA Series Double back of PSU and Signal

Double backup of PSU and signal

Double backup of power and signal, so when there is any breakdown, the display quality is still guaranteed and stable.

modes without back shell

PCB connects to cabinets direct to make sure the good flatness of display.

HNA Series Structure
HNA Series Wireless Connection

Wireless connection

There are no cables between cabinets and no apparent cables outside the cabinet. Inner cable connection will make the transmission of signal and power more stable, and the whole will look more neat and simple.

Cabinet curved design

Inside the cabinet can realize 8°, 12°, 18° degree curved design. Between cabinets can make +5° degree curve to create more possibilities.

HNA Series Cabinet curved design
HNA Series Wireless Connection

Bakcup of PSU

Adopt ABS technology so adjacent power box can share current, preventing the abrupt electricity cut-off.

One screen for multiple purposes

Mirror screen, meeting all-in-one machine solution, one screen multi-purpose perfect for different fields.

HNA Series Lamp energy-saving technology
HNA Series full front maintenance

Full front maintenance

Full front maintenance without any space needed for backside.

Fast installation, easy maintenance