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Groupe Actual – Route du Rhum

Groupe Actual - Route du Rhum


indoor LED Wall & Outdoor LED Floor

Client : Groupe Actual

Early 2022 StreetCo’ was contracted by Histoiresde and Isegoria to collaborate on a rental LED screen project for GroupActual’s booth, for the legendary solo sailing competition : Route du Rhum, from Saint-Malo, France to Guadeloupe.

Groupe Actual, Creator of solutions for employment and skills : temporary recruitment, CDD, CDI, wage portage, placement, advice.

Today, the 5th player on the labor and employment market in France. Actual group is a French group, with a resolutely humanist vision, which campaigns every day to facilitate the right to work for all. In fact, they are organized around 4 professions : temporary work, recruitment, support and training. That is why the group is No. 1 in temporary work integration in France.

Context / environment : Route du Rhum

Actual Group decided to invest and build their own booth for this special event, for 12 days in November 2022 before the sailing race starts.

With Histoiresde and Isegoria we created a digital booth that enabled them to stand out from the competition and immerse the visitors and the sailing world and the race itself.

The booth was perfectly located in the center of the exhibition, in front of the boats. Hence the decision to add an exceptionally uncommon immersive digital touch, who moreover had a very reasonable budget for this set-up and his partner’s ideas.

The fact that the COVID crisis didn’t enable this event to happen since some time, the exhibition estimated about 2 million visitors this year. This also re-insured the client that this investment was necessary to maintain their position on the market.

Solution to install a LED wall & LED floor

After a few months studying the possibilities we decided to go for 12m2 (6x2m) of indoor UPADIII P2.6 LED Wall flush with 12m2 (6x2m) of Outdoor MG7S LED Floor P3.9.

Pixel Pitch of P2.6 and P3.9 enable a good video result at about 3m viewing distance which is perfect for this booth dimensions and visitor capacity.

Rental period : 12 days (November 2022)

Project Lead Time: 1 month

Materials & laboUr

After studying the feasibility of the custom solution at length with the engineers at Street Communication, the team settled on a solution of Outdoor LED screen and Indoor LED screen.

The resolution of the screens are 2300×769 for the wall and 1538×512 for the floor. Which is enough to broadcast what is intended by the marketing team and with a brightness of 900 nits and 4200 nits !

A ceiling support structure is also studied at length until the end of the project to achieve a perfect result and integration allowing the client to see only the part desired by the architects.

Components of the project:

  • 12m2 – Indoor P2.6 UPADIII
  • 12m2 – Outdoor P3.9 LED Screen – MG7S
  • 4 main power cables
  • 48 power supplies
  • 48 receiving cards
  • Brightness: 900nits – 4200nits
  • Steel back support and feets
  • Screen size: 2 units 6x2m (24m2 total)
  • Resolution: LED Wall: 2300x769p
  • Resolution: LED Floor: 1538x512p
  • Refresh rate 3840hz

Challenge to install a LED Wall and LED floor

For this project, the biggest challenge was to integrate the 2 screens and flush them perfectly with the hole in the ground that the client prepared for our LED floor. And flush the LED wall at the end of the LED floor to have a perfect immersion in the video content.

When we arrived, the space in which we had to install the LED Floor was flooded due to previous rainy days. So we had to pull out the water and protect the LED floor’s accessories underneath with plastic. Hopefully we had feets.

This is only an additional security since the LED Floor is IP65. The screens would have been in danger only if it’s flooded all the way to the top since it’s not IP68.

Impact : Install 2 screens

These 2 screens displaying amazing videos of sailers during competitions or other attractive landscapes caught the attention of every single visitors during the event.

With an average of 20 visitors at the same time everyday, the client was positively surprised of the result and impact.
We can easily say that everybody that saw this installation got to know the company a little better by standing in front of these screen for an average of 15min. And they will all remember the experience that Group Actual offered them.


  • Technicians

  • Engineers

  • Architects

  • Designers

  • Developers


  • Date : 2022

  • Location : Saint-Malo, Paris

  • Status : COMPLETED

    • Client : Groupe Actual

  • Team : Street Co’ + Histoiresde + Isegoria

Engineering of LED wall & LED floor

Quality control of LED wall & LED floor

Final result of LED wall & LED floor

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