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High Definition LED screen display for Louboutin shoes

High Definition LED screen display for Louboutin shoes


Louboutin is one of the most famous shoe brand in the world for being purchased mostly by celebrities, highly fashion and design, it’s high price makes it a very special brand and creates a small community of people from the high society that can afford wearing them wether rich or in the fashion industry

Context / environment

For the opening of a new Louboutin shoe shop, the owner decided to add a custom made dynamique digital touch that would mix wood structure,

made by schmidt tradition, specialized in creating custom furnitures for high-end clients, and our 2 custom made LED screens. This mix of wood and LED screen makes it a very original creation.


The client and us settled on a solution with 2 seperate screens of 2.88m High and 0.48m Large on each side of the wood structure.

Due to the high-end standard of this client we decided to use

P2.5 Standard

indoor panels with a Golden wire configuration, which is the best option in termes of product quality and lifetime (6-7years).

So that everything looks perfectly neat, all the accessories are hiden inside this custom made wood structure. No controller, no cables, nothing can be seen. The screens are perfectly intergrated in their final environment.

Initial engineering

Materials & laboUr

-2 LED screen of 2.88mHx0.48mL

-14 receiving cards

-1 MCTRL 600 sending box

-Front maintenance tool

  • r P2.5
  • Lamp brand: Nationstar Golden SMD 1515
  • Driver: ICN2153 – 3840HZ
  • Modules: 240 x 240
  • 4Cabinets: 80 x 480
  • Screens size: W0.96mx2.88m H x2
  • 2 screen of: 0.96×2.88 = 2.76m2
  • Total sqm: 5.52sqm Total
  • Spare parts: 10 modules/ Power supply 3 /Receiving card 1
  • Controller: X1 processor: VX4S (Totem)
  • Refresh rate: 3840HZ
  • Cabinet material: Die casting Aluminium
  • Power : Power con (neutrik)
  • – Signal : Ethercon (Neutrik RJ45)
  • Front maintenance: YES
  • Brightness: 800
  • Power supply: Meanwell
  • Certification CE
  • Power type: 220V EU Standard
  • IP Protection: Indoor 31
    -Installation: 2 StreetCo engineers for 2 days


This LED touch will bring to the shop a very trendy and dynamique look, it will also enable the managers to dispplay whatever they want at the nearest from the products.

This original wood structure and LED panel creation in the shop will confort Louboutin in being a high-end designer in his industry. Thinking out of the box.


  • Date: 2020

  • Final Client: Louboutin
  • Location: Paris, France

  • Status: COMPLETED

  • Client: schmidt tradition

  • Team: Street Co’ Paris + shenzhen offices

video test befor instal

reception caisses debut install photo



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