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Ground Breaking Innovations – LED Floor Galore

A building is often made up of three primary elements, the ceiling, the walls and the floor. Whilst the ceiling is often beautified with lights of all sorts and walls are adorned with patterns, pictures and even wall lamps, the floor is usually taken for granted and used to place furniture and other things on.. The floor of a building or any place is often underrated subconsciously nevertheless, as underrated as they may be they are always noticed without fail. Wherever we go, especially if it is a new place people never fail to look at what they are walking on and take note of the floor design and cleanliness – this trait comes naturally to most people.. It is due to this that there is an assortment of floor types that range from parquet, mosaic, marble, teak, granite, glass, carpets and many others. At certain clubs or ‘high-end’ venues there even floors that are lit from underneath, whilst other places have floors that are transparent allowing visitors to see what is happening below their feet. Our fascination with floors has taken on a new lease in life due to advances in LED technology with the introduction of interactive LED floors. If you wish to know more about these literally ‘groundbreaking’ floor innovations – read on!

Interactive LED Floors

LED floors have taken the world of screen displays to yet another level simply because they allow people to walk on screens that project crisp videos or graphics that one desires. This innovation opened the flood gates of indoor aesthetics as people started to fit LED screens on their floors and ran images/ videos or graphics of water, clouds, space, fire or just about any type of projections that they could imagine. Visitors to places with LED floors were practically allowed to walk on water, fire or clouds creating unique experiences especially at events or entertainment venues. Some individuals even went as far as installing LED floors on their driveways as these LED floors are robust and ‘tough as nails’ able to withstand the extreme weight of their 4WDs.

As new as LED floor screens are, the momentum of LED technology did not allow this innovation to subside before coming up with something because within barely a year since LED floors hit the market ‘interactive LED floor’ screens were introduced. Interactive LED floors enhanced the experience of those who walked on them as the floors basically reacted to their footsteps or whatever else that touched the screens. Now imagine that you were walking on water and each time you placed your foot down, ripples appear or stars and clouds move aside when you drive over them or walk on them. The experience gained from interactive LED floor systems is simply incredible which, is the reason as to why they became so popular so fast.

Technical Scope of Interactive LED Floors


The beauty of interactive LED floors from a technical perspective is mainly due to the level of FLEXIBILITY AND VERSATILITY of interactive LED Floors. The fact that there are different pitch pixel sizes dependent upon whether they are for indoors, semi-outdoor or total outdoor category, the pitch sizes range from 3.9 mm, 4.8 mm, 5.2 mm, 6.25 mm or 7.8 mm offer a motley world of options that clients are able to choose from. Apart from that, based on the fact that different floors carry different types of loads, companies such as Street Communication offer various types of cabinets that come in various sizes and are totally customisable.

For instance, the aluminium cabinets that house these interactive floor LED screens have adjustable feet/ stands that are approximately 10 cm; however this entirely depends on the project’s specifications. Even the interactive-ness of interactive LED floor screens is customisable and depending on the requirements of the client, the type of graphics and naturally the size of the cabinet (i.e. 500 x 500 mm), clients are able to select from various options such as interactive with capacitive touch (inductive integrated circuit ) or radar (movement detector) among others.

The secret to the success of popular choices such as the Black Matte series (always preferred by clients over the normal series) is mainly due to the high definition screens (small pixel pitch that is encased in sturdy cabinets) and dependent on client requirement could be either interactive or non-interactive. Screens on floors, especially sensitive screens naturally trigger concerns about ‘damage risk’ to the screens which is actually unnecessary. This is because of the casings that are used to house them by companies such as Street Communication that ensure that these ‘installed floors’ or cabinets that house the screens are able to withstand ‘high levels’ of pressure.

These cabinets could be even fitted on driveways for people to drive on and do so without causing a scratch on the LED screens. The interactive LED panels are waterproof, durable, exceedingly flexible, and able to fit into floor spaces of any size or shape with custom pixel pitch and have a loading capacity of 2000 kilograms per square meter. In other words, these impressive flexible/ versatile high-end interactive LED floors could be fitted anywhere in any kind of environment ranging from living rooms, dining area, driveways, car showrooms, clubs or even a gift shop. Wherever they are installed, one may be assured that it will draw the desired attention without a doubt.

Key Takeaways on Interactive LED Floors

Some of the most distinctive features of this product are presented below:

  1. Flexible Pixel Pitch Sizes
  2. Flexible Cabinets
  3. Robust and Able to withstand up to 2000 Kg of pressure per/ sq. meter
  4. Waterproof
  5. Available in Black Matte and Standard Options
  6. Graphics and videos are customisable
  7. High performing video controllers
  8. Available for indoors, semi-indoor, outdoor
  9. Floor size and shape is of no consequence

The point behind the key characteristics of this product is that it is 100 % customisable and how it is configured is totally up to what the clients want and rest assured that these interactive LED floors will not be just making a difference – they will make a huge difference

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