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Glue Technology GOB Glue on Board

resistance Led screen module
resistance Led screen module

Most people would have probably heard of COB LED display, but they probably never heard of the latest in pixel protection technology which has been termed as GOB LED display. This article is all about GOB or Glue on Board which provide a high level of protection for led display units.

Technical Take on GOB LED

Basically it is an entirely new technology and in essence, GOB is an analogy for module encapsulation. The function of GOB which is patented transparent epoxy glue that is applied to the surface of the PCB module that has already been soldered with thousands of SMD lamps creating a special shield on its surface. The high level of protection is offered in a multitude of ways based on the fact that once GOB is applied LED display units are rendered as capable of withstanding minor collisions or anti-bump, become dust and waterproof,

become insulated from moisture and ultra-violet rays (anti-moisture & anti-UV) without compromising the quality and performance of the units. As a matter of fact, based on the tests conducted in a controlled environment, GOB actually extends the shelf life of LED display screens to a significant level. This development was driven by the demand for more robust LED systems especially with rental screens and fine pitch led displays which require natural protection for the light-emitting diodes installed on so that they may last longer.

GOB LED technology albeit new, is quickly becoming a norm as Glue on Board is transparent and are perfect for large format indoor LED displays regardless of size, however, GOB is more often applied to screens that are over 80 inches compared to smaller or micro-LED displays such as wearable handsets, smartphones, TVs or virtual reality products. What is clear here is the fact that transparent glue technology has reached a level that they have become applicable to a wide variety of LED applications such as GOB Transparent LED Glass wall, LED display cases and Indoor/ Outdoor Waterproof Transparent Glass wall screens among others

GOB Mechanics

Normal display module

From a general perspective, GOB is basically a type of technology that is directly related to packaging which provides a solution towards the issue of LED lamp protection. Glue on Board uses an advanced and newly developed transparent material to package the substrate or underlying layer and as well as its LED package unit forming a robust and sturdy shield that effectively protects the components. The material offers an ultra-high level of transparency and that is just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ as they say because GOB is a superior thermal conductor which means that the heat generated by the LED units are dissipated at a much faster rate prolonging the units life.

Apart from those units that have been insulated with GOB are able to withstand most types of harsh external environments simply GOB LED units are resistant to physical impacts, water, dust and as well as UV rays. According to the tech wizards from Street Communication (Street Communication is a leading LED solution provider that handles LED projects across the planet), in comparison to conventional SMD (Surface Mounted LEDs), GOB LED units fair far better because of the high level of protection GOB provide. Companies such as Street Communication even prefer GOB to COB (Chips on Board) due to the fact that GOB units are easier to maintain, last longer, provide much larger viewing angles (180 degrees horizontal and vertical viewing angles)

Even the production steps of the GOB series are rigorous and are subject to three primary stages starting with the choice of materials that are to be used. From lamp beads to high quality LED chips and industry ultra-high brush ICs, every component is tested for quality prior to assembly. Stage two of the process (post assembly) it is aged for approximately 72 hours before the GOB filling is executed and the lamp is subsequently tested. Stage three involves (post GOB filling), the units are aged for another 24 hours and product testing is conducted again prior to packaging and shipping. This three-tier quality testing process automatically enhances the quality of GOB units quite significantly in comparison to most other LED-based products

The LED Industry


The use of GOB within the spectrum of the LED industry according to Street Communication allows industry players to offer robust and creative products to clients in a timely and professional manner. As far as the tech wizards of the company are concerned, as an industry leader in LED screen technologies and integrated LED solutions, GOB meets their standards in totality and even enhances their requirements that are related to special requirements as Street Communication is known to provide one-of-a-kind designs for both rentals and as well as fixed installation for stores, buildings, events or even showrooms and marketing campaigns

Wrap Up

From award-winning LED video screens and LED video screens insulated by GOB, Street Communication has managed to deliver the best of the LED world to clients due to the competency of the engineers, designers, and consultants that work for the company. Their forte is in being able to provide unique solutions that are developed in-house and render it with an after-sales support factor that is unmatched by others in the industry. Some of their more popular clients include Printemps, Adidas and Volkswagen. From LED columns, LED arches or LED ceilings and Floors, Street Communication has been able to prove themselves time and time again satisfying their customers across the globe.

With Street Communication, it is all about the clients and regardless of what the requirements may be, companies such as Street Communication is always able to meet demands without skipping a beat. The level of flexibility and versatility of their LED solutions is unmatchable due to their constantly updated stand on LED related developments. Keeping abreast with the latest developments within the industry is undoubtedly a critical success factor that should not and could not be undermined by any company associated with the LED industry due to its rapid technological developments.

At Street Communication we take care of

⇒ Create your project management

⇒ Search for a solution together

⇒ Visit your site

⇒ Propose the better product for your need

⇒ Prototype your project

⇒ Estimate a budget

⇒ Engineering (Map 3D, drawing, plans,…)

⇒ Ensure the transport

⇒ Propose some content

⇒ Propose some options

⇒ Follow the maintenance of your project

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