Gleam & Glitter via LED Screens

Humans have always been attracted to things that glitter, things that are shiny and the scarcer these elements were, the more value they placed on it. It is due to this that elements regarded as ‘noble metals’ and natural crystals or gemstones are placed at such high value for centuries. Gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, rubies and sapphires lead the list of elements used in the jewellery trade where jewellers also regarded as ‘gemstone artisans’ create immaculate pieces that mesmerise those who gaze upon it. However, the aesthetics of jewellery pieces do not just depend on the pieces alone as their surroundings within images or videos of these pieces also play a critical role in delivering what these jewellery pieces stand for. In other words, it is all about the presentation, meaning that a diamond necklace would only look like a valuable diamond necklace when worn by an individual who is appropriately dressed and articulate. This is because if you could imagine a diamond necklace on an army general in full uniform, both the general and the diamond necklace would look not far off from ‘silly land’. Jewellery stores also perform better from a business perspective when they care about aesthetics of not just the jewellery pieces, but also the aesthetics of the environment, the design of the brochures and the quality of the images in these publications. Every single bit adds to sales conversion and as we all already know that ‘sales conversions’ is the core objective of any business.

Recently the LED display gurus from Street Communication were hired to create some of their LED magic for AKILLIS Paris to have their chefs-d’oeuvre or masterpieces presented via small pitch LED screens and the Street Communication wizards, as usual, managed to configure LED display sets that projected the images in such fine detail that it made the pieces projected seem like they were holographic projections that you could just reach into and touch. , The benefits of using these ultra-fine pitch indoor LED displays that chug out images in 4K high resolution (FHD) for presenting jewellery is evident. The jewellery pieces are larger without losing any resolution and when jewellery pieces are presented bigger and clearer exactly as they are to audiences. This allows potential customers to see the pieces more thoroughly as though they were examining them right in front of their own eyes. Now, this is important when it comes to jewellery pieces simply because they are ‘high involvement’ purchases, where customers tend to climb up and down Mount Everest before they finally decide to buy the piece.

Benefits of Small Pitch LED Displays

Now, this brings us to the LED display unit itself. These displays are small pitch pixel displays that are projected in extremely high resolutions (pitch pixel size of 1.6 mm to 2.5 mm) that are suited for indoors and for viewing items from close range without image distortion. This means that even though the jewellery pieces are 50 to 100 times bigger in these LED display units, the images are ‘never’ distorted’ and even the tiniest details are revealed in full 4K colour (at this point we just have to admit that the jewellery pieces through these LED displays that are coupled with high refresh rates make the pieces even more desirable). The simple truth here is that small pitch LED displays basically allow customers to see the jewellery pieces in better contrast and enhanced colours.

The reason that Street Communication was able to delight AKILLIS was that, even during the recording process, it was done in a manner that would complement the high refresh rates of the small pitch pixel display screens which is a whopping 3840 Hz. In essence, the small pitch indoor LED display units set up by Street Communication is suitable for various applications due to the customizable cabinets that come along with these screens, making everything as flexible as flexible can be. Another plus point about these screens is the fact that they command a longer life compared to most other LCD screens which are among the primary reason for these products being the most widely used indoor commercial LED display across sectors.

Technical Titbits

Akillis Small pitch

Now, from a technical perspective, these display units come with upon request screens that are incredibly flexible and versatile and be assembled in a manner that fits just about any kind of requirement. The screens are also adjustable and the installation techs could easily set the screens at different angles according to specific requirements based on the fact that the screens installed by Street Communication at AKILLIS, Paris support up to a 10-degree inner arc tilt.

The cabinets or housing for the screens as mentioned earlier are also flexible making the installation of these screens quick and painless (they are also very light and this makes any relocation relatively easy). As for the pixel pitch sizes, what is meant by 1.6 mm or 1.9 mm or even 2.5 mm is that these numbers indicate the distance between one light-emitting diode (LED) to another from its centre to the centre of the next LED.

To clarify what this means, the closer the distance between LEDs the higher the resolution and clearer the images. On the other hand, the further apart the LEDs are and the closer a viewer gets to a screen, the grainier the images get. In summary, smaller pitch pixel sizes are more suited for indoor close viewing and the pixel pitch sizes are usually selected based on the viewer’s distance


It looks like AKKILIS; Paris is ahead in the game based on their decision to hire a high-end company such as Street Communication to execute their marketing initiative. LED industry leaders such as Street Communication seems to have a knack for giving customers exactly what they want (sometimes more) at reasonable prices which are the two main reason as to why this company is among the more preferred by most bigger brands that have the resources to conduct due diligence. Hiring the right people for the right job is a critical success factor in this case!

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