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Galeries Eric Dupont – Corporate event

Galeries Eric Dupont - Corporate event


indoor LED Totem

Client : Soixante circuits

We were contacted in the middle of 2022 by Soixante Circuits to collaborate on a corporate event held in Paris, more precisely in the Galeries Eric Dupont.

Soixante Circuits specialized in the creation of video contents, this studio offers immersive and innovative experiences. Their clients entrust them with the management of their image.

They focus on evolutionary designs of spaces and retail, creation of innovative objects, events and the development of uncommon applications.

Since 2008, Soixante circuits has been deploying its expertise in multiple facets. They are a multi-disciplinary development studio specializing in custom projects that are out of the ordinary.

Today, immersive and interactive client experiences are very trendy.

Event location: Galeries Eric Dupont; Created 32 years ago by Éric Dupont, the gallery emerged in the early 1990’s in Paris, presenting young artists mostly preoccupied by formal research in pictorial expression.

Context / environment : Galeries Eric Dupont

StreetCo, being one of the the only french LED supplier with stock of uncommon LED products, was selected by Soixante circuits to take care of the digital part of their projects, using LED screens.

Being mainly based in France, Soixante circuits was looking for a strong partner for the supplier of LED screens for their events.

They are mainly looking at our indoor LED screens and interactive LED Floors.

SoixanteCircuits had different ideas for this precise event but due to budget reasons they had to stick to a more economic set-up.

Solution to install a Indoor LED Totem

Due to budget reasons, the studio decided to rent 4 units of LED totems (1mx3m H). The event was only 1 evening. The idea was to create an impressive digital touch during the corporate diner.

We selected our best indoor product in stock: UPADIII P2.6. Each Totem’s resolution: 384x1152p (x4).

The LED Totems are placed 1m from each other. This enables the client to display Text, images, videos, animations, etc. The fact that there is 4 LED totems gives an immersive effect to the digital set-up

Project Lead Time : 2 weeks preparation and ½ day for the installation on-site.

Materials & laboUr

After studying the feasibility of the custom solution at length with the engineers at Street Communication, the team settled on a solution of LED Totem.

The resolution of the screens are 384×1152 per totem. Which is enough to broadcast what is intended by the marketing team and with a brightness of 900 nits !

A ceiling support structure is also studied at length until the end of the project to achieve a perfect result and integration allowing the client to see only the part desired by the architects.

Components of the project:

    • P2.6 UPADIII rental
    • Brightness: 900 nits
    • Steel back support
    • LED Totems: 1x3mH (x4)
    • Quantity: 12m2
    • Screen resolution: 384×1152 / totem
    • Refresh rate 3840hz
    • Video processor: VX4S
    • Software: Viplex / NovaLCT

Challenge to install a Indoor LED Totem

The main challenge for this project was to have an impressive and immersive digital set-up with-in the client’s budget.

Street Communication is always open to make exceptional efforts, pricewise, to make great projects happen.

Working on a custom video content that could be easily displayed on the screens is crucial. The studio worked on these for a pair of weeks and converted them in a format that could be used by the softwares running our LED screens.

Impact : Install 4 screens

This LED installation made this corporate event/diner a very memorable moment. Soixante Circuits has proven that they are able to be creative even when limited by the budget.

LED screens in addition with a very nice video content is all you need to communicate and create an interesting customer experience.


  • Technicians

  • Engineers

  • Architects

  • Designers

  • Developers


  • Date : 2022

  • Location : Paris, France

  • Status : COMPLETED

    • Client : Soixante Circuits

  • Team : Street Co’ + Soixante Circuits

Final result of LED wall & LED floor

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