Fully Transparent LED facade building

Facade building screen LED fully transparent

During the daytime the original glass facade color created by sunlight id maintained, while producing colorful images during the night.
Functional features include the ability to block UV light, reduce noise and insulate from heat.

Installation of showrooms and booths can be further enhanced with the use of glass, the installation can be given a special frame in order to maximize the exhibition effect of the relevant product and can further elevate the installation into a showroom for the product with maximum display effect.

Transparent LED building facade display

LED screen fully transparent facade building

Facade building LED fully transparent display flower

Building facade screen fully transparent LED

Important elements

  • Screen Full transparency : The embedded LEDs and circuits are not noticeable during an inoperative state, so that the glass is recognized as normal / transparent glass
  • No discoloration : Unlike conducting-film based circuits which can show yellow tint over time, glass has circuits etched onto the inner glass plates and is free of discoloration.
  • Partition : With the Partition solution using glass, interior architectural solutions for partitioning can fill the space with media functional glass and can be filled with adjustable and suitable media content and fulfill the needs of a non-transparent wall – with additional media content filling features.