LED transparent pour DisneyLand Shanghai

    Our team recently finished to install those incredible transparent LED displays for one of DisneyLand Shanghai’s last attraction : The Iron Man Experience.

    DinseyLand Shaghai a appelés notre équipe pour imaginer, conceptualiser, créer et installer un écran LED innovant, pour leur dernière attraction.

    As you may already know, the movie Iron Man is about a Marvel Superhero that uses a powerful armor to protect him and to provide him superpower to fight against his enemies, and of course, to save the world. This new attraction is perfectly innovative and tends to offer a unique show to its audience, mixing video, 3D, incredible sound effects and seat movements to create a powerful experience

    They needed a screen that would fit the attraction set up and universe, something modern, catchy and surprising; our team decided to use transparent LED panels to create a perfect Transparent LED cylinder that has been fixed around one of the statues representing the Iron Man and its armor.

    The transparent LED displays animated videos that create an amazing effect on the statue and attract people’s attention. The transparent LED screen has over 70% of transparency and allows us to see trough it, and designers to be even more creative, taking count of the background that appears behind the LED screen

    Cet écran LED fait 6.78m2, pour une hauteur de 1,44 m et un diamètre de 1,5 m avec un pixel pitch de 2,6 mm

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