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Le musée de Mannheim adopte la technologie LED

Le musée de Mannheim adopte la technologie LED



The Kunsthalle Mannheim is one of the oldest civic collections of modern art in the world. The museum is a meeting place for people of all generations and cultural backgrounds, housing inspiring art and hosting current debates. The one who introduced us to the Kunsthalle was WERKSTUDIO, they designed and drafted the Idea.


We decided then to design the column on 5 parts, the base which were going to have hidden wheels, a hidden « slide up » door

and a base which we were going to use to install the PC and controller in.

The second, third and fourth part were going to have flexible LED modules on it, so we had to plan a 10 cm depth to accommodate the power supplies, receiving cards and all the wiring.

The fifth part was the top, we designed it to lodge a very big convex mirror and a brightness sensor.

Material used

  • 48 Receiving cards from Novastar
  • 1 MCTRL 600 controller from Novastar
  • 48 Meanwell power supply
  • 1 PC
  • 1 Brithness sensor form Novastar
  • 1 Steel structure
  • 1 convex mirror
  • 4 hidden wheels
  • 1 Streetco team


The Kunsthalle complex on Mannheim’s most beautiful square which has developed over the last century comprises Hermann Billings’

art nouveau building, built in 1907, and the Hamburg firm gmp – von Gerkan, Marg and Partners’ Hector Building, completed in 2017. As programmatic museum building concepts, the two architecture styles could not be more different: One is light-flooded, timeless, open, and urbane, the other structurally expressive and imposing. They wanted us to implement and produce a huge (4m tall) movable column in steel with LED flexible and on top a convex mirror. The column was meant to be in the lobby next to the information and ticket booth of the museum, displaying information about the museum. So the column would be one of the first things visitors would see upon arrival.

Les étapes suivantes ont eu lieu :

  1. Design construction plans of the product and installation system/solution. Our team of LED product design, designer and engineer will come up with stability calculation, 3D model and execution drawings and few safe and convenient options based on column the werkstudio team have shared with us – That will be shared on commissioning.
  2. Conception du système de solution de fixation Il prendra en compte le poids de la LED et la capacité de chaque structure de faisceau sans perçage sur les colonnes de béton
  3. LED modules manufacturing. The modules will be specifically designed and manufactured for the column.
  4. Pré-assemblage des modules LED à l’entrepôt
  5. Test dans l’entrepôt
  6. Ajustement du produit et des solutions si nécessaire
  7. Production et fabrication
  8. Transport et livraison sur place
  9. Installation sur site.
  10. Test de signal vidéo
  11. Test de gestion de contenu et de diffusion sur place
  12. Formation à l’entretien
  13. Formation à l’affichage
    We took 8 days to install the screen and the support structure with a crew of 5 staff.


We faced a first failure with the Steel structure while installing it a first time, the structure was not straight, so we did send it back to the factory to reproduce a new one. The second was a success, we did install everything within the steel column, all the wires, the power supplies, receiving cards and the LED modules. After the first configuration, the result was stunning. Well you can imagine a column of 4m height with a diameter of 1,3m displaying a 360 degree 4K video content.


  • Ingénierie CAD / 3D / Sauterelle /
  • Installation
  • Design d’intérieur
  • Création de contenu vidéo/interactif
  • Conception de système technologique


  • Date: 2017

  • Location: Mannheim, GERMANY,

  • Statut: COMPLETED

  • Client: Kunsthalle Mannheim

  • Équipe: Arthur Mamou-Mani.Jealous Gallery Rema design – Street Co' Paris + Shenzhen bureaux


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