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    LED lights have moved into mainstream applications and are constantly being improved by various factions to optimise LED use. Among the primary reasons for this includes the fact that it offers greater versatility and lower power utilisation. The various LED models have risen in popularity at a phenomenal pace compared to traditional incandescent lights because they last approximately 25 times longer. Among the most popular types of LED include SMD (Surface Mounted Device) and COB (Chip on Board) LEDs and the choice mainly depends on requirements that could anything from energy efficiency to versatility as both LED Light types differ with regards to their features and as well as the semiconductors that are used. The SMD LEDs are definitely more popular because SMD LEDs consist of more than two contact points, unlike the classic DIP LED. SMD LEDs are capable of having up to 3 diodes on a single chip coupled with a dedicated circuit (Each circuit consists of a single cathode and a single anode) that allows 2, 4 or 6 contact points in a chip. It is because of this configurable trait that SMDs are generally more versatile in comparison to COB LEDs. The fact is that with SMDs it is possible to include red, green, and blue diodes which in combination could create virtually any type of colour just by regulating output levels. Last, but not least, SMD chips are also typically brighter and are capable of producing between 50 and100 lumens per watt.

    Concave & Convex LED Screens

    Flexibility is everything when it comes to media advertising simply because it is about delivering the right messages to the right people using the right apparatus. The entire world of media advertising has moved towards digital technology which has paved the way for LED screens to be used extensively for media advertising. Currently LED technology has reached a state that is unsurpassable by other media formats from just about any perspective. The reasons behind the rapid evolvement of LED screens are largely attributed towards the practicality that it offers. From being extremely energy efficient to admirable levels of flexibility, LED screens naturally have a lot to offer, mostly in a way that conventional screens can never be able to do

    The beauty of these screens that make them as adaptable, versatile or as flexible as they are is mainly due to the fact that they are basically like jigsaw puzzles or Lego blocks as they can be built into just about any shape, size or curvature. From covering entire building facades to being wrapped around columns and fitted unto floors of various shapes and sizes. Certain LED products offer a range of flexibility that sets new standards for the media world, in particular, the concave and convex LED screens. These screens are leading products in the field and companies such as Street Communication have been able to turn them into nothing less than exquisite, exclusive and unique artwork.

    Flex Screens by Street Communication

    flexible screens StreetCo flex

    Among the reasons that companies such as industry leaders Street Communication often propose Flex Led Screens (Concave or Convex type LEDs) is due to their unmatched versatility. The cabinets that house these LED screens come in three main sizes that are made out of PCB and Aluminium which makes it extremely soft and hence customizable into almost any shape, size or curves. These LEDs are also wall-mountable and in the event that clients require the screens to be embedded into the wall without the screens protruding the cabinets that house these screens could be easily installed into a and maintain the flatness of the surface making them perfect for indoor environments. The fact that resolutions could be configured from anywhere between 2.9 mm pixel pitch size to 6.25 mm pixel pitch size is only the tip of the iceberg as these screens are jam-packed with other features that are mind-boggling, to say the least.

    Technical Sweep

    Among the more savvy features about these screens include its patented single-action locking mechanism complete with positioning pins. The connections are magnetised making fastening these screens together easy and practical and the positioning pins between two panels allow greater manoeuvrability

    Angle adjustment is easy and fast and these screens are capable of bending angles of up to 20° on 5 levels and each angle level is clearly indicated. 18 panels are all that it takes to build a complete circle with a diameter of approximately 2.9 meters. Apart from that, the power and data units are interchangeable among

    the panels making these flexible screens very versatile. It is because of these features that these flexible LED screens can be built to specifications of custom size or custom shape for that matter. These panels also cater for corners which are optional allowing space for a creative right angle LED solution.


    Street Communication is one of those companies that make almost anything that clients want a reality. The company is staffed with not just competent individuals, but also exceedingly creative individuals. Street Communication seems to be able to deliver beyond expectations each time, especially with Concave & Convex curved and flexible led products for both indoor and outdoor projects. It is always critical to hire the right company to pull off LED related media initiatives and track records become essential towards making a decision on whom to hire. Adidas Boost in Paris, France,

    Volkswagen in Barcelona Airport, the LED staircase at Printemps, shopping malls in St Petersburg, Russia and the Manheim Museum in Germany are just some of the LED projects that Street Communication has pulled off with perfection within the past year. The reason as to why hiring the right people to work on LED projects is a crucial aspect of LED Media projects is because LED projects are not just based on technical elements, it is also highly dependent on creativity and Street Communication has both these qualities. Thus, as the old saying goes “when you do something, do it right the first time” or do not attempt it at all.

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