Flexible LED strips on ceiling for CC Nevada, shopping mall

Creative flexible LED strips

The huge mall Nevada Center, in Spain, contacted us at Street Co’ with the project of enhancing their mall’s interior with innovative and creative LED displays, in order to attract passers attention and give the place a futuristic dimension. They didn’t have the design touch to deliver custom LED with a sensational effect that take into account the surrounding and environment of the mall.

Nevada center called us to create a whole new project from scratch and support it from the design to its installation. They needed some outside help to fill the spaces of this huge bloc building with a design and architectural touch.

LED ceiling display roof screen


LED screen ceiling display


Street Co’ brought them its artistic directive line and chose to propose Flexible LED display to dress up the atrium and bring a more personal touch into this very large and cold space, the Flexible LED display brings an artistic and connected brush while respecting the modern spirit of the shopping center.

Our designer team worked hard to meet the client’s expectations and created several propositions to fit in that large space. They created something that matched the brand new building and its interior design in sophisticated way.

flexible stripes LED ceiling CC granda

flexible stripes LED ceiling Ganada

Our engineer and designer team made several propositions in order to allow a wider freedom of choice and meet the customer’s needs, see bellow :

These LED strips are not exactly like LED screens. As the one we use for the Tangential Dreams project. These LED strips are flexible, bendable, and adaptable to any module.

With these flexible LED strips we can make sure that every inch is covered with the LED lights, and that all the angles and curves are perfectly respected as initially planned.

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