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flexible led display

what is a flexible led ?

In the past, standard LED displays were only used for advertising and display purposes. With the growing demand of the market, the classic shapes such as square were no longer satisfactory to customers. As a result, flexible LED displays appeared. Flexible LED, as its name suggests, is a flexible screen and can be bent arbitrarily within a certain range without affecting the display. While ordinary LED displays are rigid and hard and cannot be bent.

Flexible LED displays can be made into various shapes, such as spherical, rhombic, cylindrical, triangular, tree-shaped, banner-shaped, and others. As you can see, with flexible LED display, you can give your screen the perfect shape!

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why using flexible led screen ?

easy to

Flexible LED display is easy to fold and can be installed in various ways, such as floor installation, hanging installation, integrated installation. It is less restricted by the installation area and has a wide range of application areas. The installation of various exquisite and creative customized LED displays.

The flexible LED display has anti blue light and eye protection functions, which can effectively prevent harmful blue light from harming eyes and avoid eye strain caused by facing the screen for a long time. Indoors, especially in the center of shopping malls, people will look at the content on the display screen for a long time and closely.

optimal protection
for your eyes

Low power consumption
and super energy saving

The maximum power consumption of flexible LED display is about 240W/m² and the average power consumption is about 85W/m², which greatly reduces power consumption and improves energy utilization. Especially for large screen LED displays, the ultra-low power consumption can save a lot of electricity bills every year.

Flexible LED display screens can be used as conventional LED display screens, can also be used in special fields, and can also be used and customized to make creative screens with different, atypical or special shapes, cylindrical screens, spherical screens, curved screens, etc.

use your

Wide variety of

Street Co products are in line with the customers’ search for personalized aesthetics. The flexible LED can be used in different structures and business areas as you wish. No restrictions in terms of flexible LED, the screens can be installed both indoor and outdoor.

flexible led screen

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What can you create with flexible led?

  • Building facades
  • Tunnel
  • Columns
  • Tree LED
  • Arch LED
  • Ceiling LED
  • Dome LED
  • Lighting LED
  • Bridge LED

EXAMPLES OF flexible led screen

4 THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT flexible led

1. Easy install and maintenance

Flexible LED displays have a simple installation concept, which is to clip the modules together. Though our specially designed clip technology, LED profiles and universal connector system are very easy to install. And if necessary, they can be quickly and easily replaced on site by our staff or any other trained person.

2. Brillant Quality

Flexible LED displays offers an infinite number of colors, brightness ranging from 800 to 1000nits, excellent resolution and high refresh rate for an incredible and creative result on different application media.

3. Individual Service

At every phase of your project our engineering team will give you comprehensive support. We will guide you safely every step of the way from concept to implementation. Street co’ analyses the project and spot data, designs the module, creates video content, install the module and offers a two year guarantee on any product.

4. Customizable

Flexible LED screen is a product that allows you to express your imagination. Indeed, you can give your screen any shape and size you want : cylindrical, square, circular, curved, etc. These screens will help you beautify your structures and attract your customers.

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