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ImageNet Consulting

ImageNet Consulting

flexible led

Client: imagenet consulting using a flexible led

Our customer for this project is a reputable consulting firm called ImageNet Consulting. This firm helps small businesses and large ones find solutions to their problems in their own industry. Their customers are bound to an exceptional service that ImageNet provides, and has been providing for years.

Context / environment : create a new space with a display flexible led

Street Co LLC was contacted by ImageNet to create something unique for their client. Their client had a Library that had a column in the middle of the location. With this column, they wanted a solution that involved an LED display to wrap around the column so that they are able to display fun and inviting content for all who ventures in the library.

So, We suggested our Flexible LED product would do the trick. With great flexibility, and exceptional imagery, this was the solution the client had taken.

Client Objective:

  • Unique, and inviting technology that provides a WOW factor
  • Create a great experience for everyone visiting the location

Solution to install a flexible led

    • Flexible LED P1.5
    • Objective- Was to provide the client an option where our LED Display would be used as a showcase of cool and fun content for their clients coming into the space.

    Materials Used

    Interactive LED Floor

    • 4.61 sqm of aluminum structure
    • Nova VXT1000

We had coordinated with ImageNet consulting, and provided the following services:

We started with:

  • Consultation; Coordinating with several Architects, Electrical engineers, Building Managers, Construction team, and the CEO’s of Walnut to make sure we suggest the best pricing and LED products that fit their concepts for the space.
  • Price Matrix: We provided them with a very easy, insightful, informative, and broad array of pricing and products to fit their budget.
  • Engineered CAD files for their Structural Engineers and Electrical engineers
  • Project Management
  • Programming

The project has a full 2-year warranty

Materials & laboUr

Interactive LED Floor

  • 4.61 sqm of aluminum structure
  • Nova VXT1000

Challenge to install a flexible led

We had gone through many different pricing options to fit this display within the customers budget. The results were the LED display they wanted, at the budget they had been hoping to spend for the technology.

Impact : to set up a flexible led

This cylinder column sits in the middle of the library for all to see. This brings in a modern touch to the building, and allows all types of content to be displayed by their team on-site.


  • Drawings CAD / 3D /
  • Structural design
  • Signal Connection Designs
  • Technology System Design
  • Power Connection Designs
  • Interior design


  • Date: 2021

  • Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

  • Status: COMPLETED

  • Client: ImageNet Consulting

  • Team: Street Co’ US + Shenzhen Offices

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