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Flexible LED display outdoor cylinder post for Reversing Falls Skywalk Saint John

Flexible LED display outdoor cylinder post for Reversing Falls Skywalk Saint John

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Reversing Falls Rapids is the world’s greatest example of tidal impact upon a river.

Twice each day 100 billion tons of water, a volume equal to all of the world’s rivers … enters and exits the Bay of Fundy. At this location, water levels rise as much as 9 meters or 28 feet in a tidal cycle.

Reversing Falls Rapids experiences two tidal cycles daily resulting in 2 low tides and 2 high tides. Each complete cycle is roughly 12 hours and 10 minutes. Between the tidal extremes is a calm period known as “slack tide”, this condition lasts for just 20 minutes and is the only time vessels can safely pass through the gorge.

Why Reversing “Falls” Rapids? If you could see beneath the water, you would find rocky ledges near the surface stretching from the pulp mill to the Reversing Falls bridge, these create the rapids. Then immediately after the bridge, the river bed plunges 60 meters or 200 feet into a massive pool, deep enough to cover the 15-story Saint John City Hall building.

Context / environment

New York has Central Park, San Francisco has the Golden Gate Bridge and for Vancouver, it is Stanley Park. Most major cities have a must visit attraction know the world over.

Saint John, New Brunswick is no different. They have Reversing Falls. An actual waterfall that reverses its flow every day with the rising tide. It happens where the Saint John River meets the Bay of Fundy and it happens every single day rain or shine. The best viewing platform to catch the Reversing Falls Is the Skywalk and after a complete top to bottom renovation, it is open to the public again. Every city has a park but how many have a waterfall that flows upstream?

Max Kotlowski and his team from Skywalk St John came to Street Co’ asking for a Flexible LED post to display dynamic information about

  • The tide
  • Time
  • Waterfall reverse time
  • The intensity of the fall and tide


Street Co’ was appointed as the technical partner to supply the LED display flexible cylinder turnkey solution while Max Kotlowski was managing the relationship with the inhouse team.

The product needed to be fully weather-proof. We used a Pitch 6mm outdoor with a rigid panel slightly angled less than 4mm to make sure it wouldn’t impact the curved display.

The cabinet was a single unit and was designed to take water, rain, dust and wind.

The content was made by Street Co’ studio using dynamic meteorological information that would change arrow direction and time for the river fall.

We used a TB6 controller to get a Wifi transmitter

1.3 MP loading capacity, 4096×1080 pixel max

2-primary/2-standby Ethernet ports

Support dual-Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi AP and Wi-Fi Sta)


Materials & laboUr

Specification of the cylinder LED

  • The LED floor display use a Pitch 6mm outdoor rigid module
  • with a resolution of W453xH188 px
  • 2 Signal input One working as back up and one as the main signal
  • Size: Length: 1.8m x 2.25m
  • The control system uses a Novastar Mctrl600
  • LED Model Goldenwire
  • Size: Width 8’4
  • Module Size (mm) 125×250
  • cabinet size (mm) 500×500
  • Resolution (WxH) 48×48
  • Driver MBI SMD – 96
  • Refresh Rate 1940Hz
  • Scan Type 1/8
  • Brightness (nits) 3500
  • Led Brand Nationstar
  • Both indoor and outdoor use

Client has installed locally the 2 outdoor LED ring display.


  • Designing a flexible / agile and versatile enough to be integrated to the existing structure
  • Integrating the 2 system to display generative content on the LED screen.
  • Installation


  • Engineering CAD / 3D
  • Video/interactive content creation
  • Technology System Design
  • Prototyping


  • Final client: Reversing Falls Rapids

  • Location: 200 Bridge Rd, Saint John, NB E2M 7Y9, Canada

  • Date: 2017

  • Status: COMPLETED

  • Team: Street Co’ Boston + shenzhen offices

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