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Flexible LED- l’Hay-les roses

Flexible LED- l'Hay-les roses


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L”haÿ-les-roses is a town located in the South region of Île-de-France (Paris – 94240), in France. It became a sub-prefecture in 1972, the city is a district capital of Val-de-Marne.

Context / environment

In 2020 the town decided to entirely renovate the inside of the Town Hall and add a digital touch for their events and meetings after realizing they had a steel column to hide in the middle of the room. After some research they found us on the internet and contacted us. They came to meet us in our Parisian showroom where we presented the deconstructed LED Column that we installed in our office, tested a few contents on it with them and gave them a few weeks to decide.


StreetCo’ team and the town’s representatives settled on a flexible P2.6 LED column solution with a small diameter (76cm). They wanted to be able to display videos, text without taking too much space in the event room.

Materials & laboUr

  • 4.6m2 of Flexible P2.6 LED panels

  • SMD 3IN1 Nationstar, Copper wire LED configuration

  • Module size: 120x240mm

  • Meanwell Power supply

  • Customized Iron cabinet

  • Screen size: 1.92m High x 2.4m Wide (76cm Diameter)

  • Screen resolution: 768*960

  • Refresh rate 3840hz

  • Project Lead Time: 3 months


For this project, using flexible LED panels, Street Communication’s challenge was to create a circular indoor LED screen for L’haÿ-les-roses Town hall’s meeting and event main room. The client asked us to make the screen as slim as possible, around 70cm Diameter and had to hide the existing black pillar in the center of the room that was ruining the overall design of the space. The screen needed to be able to display any kind of content (normal or LIVE) and be visible to the entire crowd by standing in the middle of the meeting/event room. Since the LED column doesn’t cover the entire pillar from top to bottom we had to correlate our work with the carpenter for the additional decorative wood parts (top and bottom of the screen) that would hide the rest of the pillar and our support structure for the screen.

Our detailed drawings of our system enabled the carpenter to work on exact dimensions and the overall end result was even better than expected, it increased even more the waw effect of this Digital touch we just added.


This discreet and well integrated digital touch has the purpose to be a digital display tool for any types of circumstances that the town hall employees might face in the next 10 years, Speechs, meetings, events.

This circular screen puts L’haÿ-les-roses Town hall in the new era of digital accessories and enables them to manage their communication more efficiently due to it’s circular shape while keeping the same amount of space for people to circulate in the room.

They are now able to display all types of information all day long, for example Covid19 new health regulations, LIVE TV channels when the president talks to the country and general information about the city. 

People now have a nicely shaped information screen for all purposes.


  • Engineering CAD / 3D / Solid works
  • Installation
  • Prototyping
  • Interior Design
  • Technology System Design
  • Revenue & Sales Strategy
  • User Experience


  • Date: 2020

  • Location: Ile de France

  • Status: COMPLETED

  • Client: LA HAY LES ROSES

  • Team: Street Co’ Paris

factory test

led mesh column l'hay aux roses installation
led mesh column l'hay aux roses installation connections led modules
led mesh column l'hay aux roses