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Lagardère Travel Retail, in the Netherlands, is a leading company in the field of travel retail, fashion and fashion accessories.

Lagardère is a very professional and highly respected family business established since 1971. Lagardère Travel Retail operates 22 mono & multi-brands stores in Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. 

Benefiting from a long-term relationship with Schiphol Airport, Lagardère Travel Retail presents an attractive portfolio of successful luxury brands such as Boss, Longchamp, Burberry, Hermès, Ralph Lauren, Ermenegildo Zegna… and a wide range of other ‘’ready to wear”, medium to high-end fashion and accessories brands, including Victoria’s Secret.

Beam system is one of the leading audiovisual suppliers in the Netherlands for the cultural sector and events industry. Their focus is on service, technical production, knowledge and support of the entire audiovisual process. Specialisms: Video projections, interactive installations, video mapping and light shows. With the expertise of their experienced technicians and a balanced range of quality rental products, they deliver tailor-made solutions for every project.

Context / environment

Beam system has contacted Street Co for its customer Lagardere Retail for the renovation of the new high-end ‘Fashion Gallery’ of Lagardere to be opened in the new international terminal of Schiphol airport Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Street Co’ was appointed as the technical partner to supply the LED column display screens turnkey solution while BeamSystem installed the screen within the complex architecture of the premise.

The client shared CAD drawings of the floor plan of the shop located within the airport. The main objective was to hide the two big square columns with a beautiful cylindrical LED screen

display right at the entrance of the shop.

They also wanted to have a unique signature design to this particular shop in Schipol airport.

After a few brainstorming meetings, Street Co’ proposed dozens of options to decorate and disguise these columns with

  • Cylinder LED display to cover the column
  • Ceiling LED display connected to the cylinder that will show both

This project was part of a global renovation in the Schiphol airport Amsterdam.

The architectural team of Lagardere along with Beam System were after design suggestions for the shop using our products and technologies. They were open to receive some advice and design proposals. They wanted our team to propose designs that would be the best solutions for this particular shop.

Their vision was clear, by opening this shop they wanted to set the most advanced yet stylish, elegant and digitally-oriented retail shop of the airport, giving visitors a special experience, with a captivating wow-factor. …

With a team of very customer-driven architects, we had to propose an LED display that would not only seduce art-oriented customers but also satisfy an ROI and sales purpose.

We knew what to do and turned the biggest obstacle into an eye-catcher. The bulky concrete pillar became the canvas for a work of art. Flexible LED panels turn the pillar into a large screen that continues in a circle (diameter 4 meters) on the ceiling.

Client objective

    • Create a great shopping experience
    • Create a ‘Feel at home’ atmosphere’
    • Increase the time customers are spending in the shop
    • Increase the average spent by the customers (Maybe on particular products)
    • Don’t disturb customer though their travel
    • Keeping a calm video content to be as much smooth as possible


This concrete column was part of the support structure of the building so Schipol airport management wouldn’t allow

Lagardere to drill or fix anything against this post.

So we understood the limitations and challenges of the environment.

Our in-house design team proposed 3D visually attractive options of LED display cylinders that encompassed the column.

Options included ⅔ covering, side covering, ring covering, Palm covering etc.

Our design team is used to our products so they know exactly how to reduce or add product specifications that impact on both budget and design.

To feature the main concrete column right at the entrance of the shop, we proposed merging the cylinder and the ceiling.

We started with:

  • Consultation / Brainstorming in collaboration with our in-house design team to find the best-suited hardware that fit both budget and end-customer requirements with several options as mentioned above
  • Price matric showing: Pitch, Resolution, diameters options, quantity, Price and result
  • Proposing 3D visualisation of the final result on the column
  • Creating a full ring section prototype to ensure we have taken into account all potential challenges
  • Detail execution plan with AutoCAD and DWG drawings
  • Team up with metal fabricator for the LED cylinder to enable a turnkey solution
  • Engineering of the installation
  • Logistic, transportation and planning
  • On-Site installation
  • Programming

This project has a 5 years free warranty under Street Co’s warranty program.

Diagram showing the signal of the column cylinder LED screen with the resolution and the control system diagram.

The screens run on 6 electrical circuits to avoid a complete blackout if the power were to be cut. Each line holds 3 cylinders ring LED screen and the maximum consumption is 15,1KW. This diagram is for reference of how the power is being connected. All cables are labelled and directly connected to the control room.

We teamed up with Format for structural engineering. They provided an excellent concept on how to attach the screen without having to drill into the concrete column.

The video content has been delivered by Entermothership and Eline Wieland who are specialists in combining art and video content. A 10-minute loop of moving image, created by motion designer Eline Wieland, sparkles on this LED surface.

The title “connecting worlds. head in the clouds” refers to the real Dutch cloudy skies flowing past and to ‘walking with your head in the clouds’; because you are going to make a long intercontinental journey, or because you are shopping …

Natural elements from all parts of the world are connected in the film with the clouds as a background. It has turned out to be a beautiful work that surprises, makes you laugh, calms you down and yet remains exciting for 10 minutes.


Materials & laboUr

Specification of Flex Module Indoor LED Screen: Rigide modules put with an angle made the cylinder

Pitch 4 column “3.456.m circumference 2.56m height 0.957m diameter” – steel bottom part 1.1.m diameter 0.74m hight

    • Pitch 4 ceiling “3.98m screen + edge cover you need to build a frame to hang the ceiling in the air”
    • Total of 21.63 sqm
  • Signal Processing >14 Bit
  • viewing distance >2m
  • Scan: 1/20
  • Contrast > 800:1
  • Compliant Standard CCC、CE
  • Refresh Frame Frequency 1920HZ (Guarantees that the picture will not tingle with the pickup kinescope)
  • Cabinet material Steel
  • Flex Module Indoor LED Screen
  • LED Config: SMD 2020 LED lamps from Nationstar
  • Brightness: 1000nits/m2
  • Refresh rate: ≥3000Hz(MBI5252)
  • Scan rate:1/13

It took our team of 9 staff including: LED engineer, structural engineer LED technician 12 days to install this screen.

The following steps took place:

  1. Design construction plans of the product and installation system/solution. Our team of LED product designers and engineers came up with stability calculations, 3D models, execution drawings and a few safe and convenient options based on the ceiling structure that the client shared with us. This step has already started.
  2. Design of the fixation solution system It will take into account the weight of the LED and the capability of each beam structure without drilling into the concrete columns
  3. LED modules manufacturing. The modules will be specifically designed and manufactured for the ceiling.
  4. Pre-assembly of LED modules at the warehouse
  5. In-warehouse testing
  6. Product and solution adjustment if needs to be
  7. Production and manufacturing
  8. Transport and delivery onsite
  9. On-site installation
  10. Video signal test
  11. Content management & broadcasting test onsite
  12. Training for maintenance
  13. Training for display


We run into a number of challenges:

  1. The connection between the cylinder and the ceiling had to be very meticulous. We only had a few mm to make sure video content would be able to flew from column to ceiling

2. Structural engineering: We were not able to drill or to fix anything on those concrete pilar so we had to build a whole new structure fixed on the floor and the ceiling where we will attach our LED cylinder display cabinets.

3. Installation of the column: each module was 75mm x 250mm and we had to cover 8.85sqm so it was a labour-intensive, time-consuming job. The angle between each module was also key to make sure that the column would have a flush surface.

4. The LED column display was part of few other display in the newly created shop so the control system was complex but we managed to simplify it and run all screen through one control computer

  1. The sample we initially made helped a lot for the onsite assembling.


The shape of the screen conveys a brilliant artistic touch in the new high-end ‘Fashion Gallery’ of Lagardere .

The LED column display and video content fit perfectly in the space and compliments the products without disturbing the shoppers. The column and ceiling display contribute to the atmosphere, putting an elegant digital touch to this new shop.

This screen is not used to advertise products but to embellish the branding.


  • Engineering CAD / 3D / Grasshopper /
  • Installation
  • Technology System Design
  • Interior Design
  • Technology System Design
  • Video/interactive content creation
  • Prototyping
  • Revenue & Sales Strategy
  • User Experience




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