Flexible and Bendable LED display screen indoor Pitch 10mm Project Houston

    Flexible and curved LED design with stunning effect and result

    We would like to share with you one of our recent projects from Houston, Texas. Street Communication has created an innovative, bespoke LED installation using our signature flexible and bendable LED lights.

    Street Communication‘s designers and engineering team worked hard to come up with an innovative design that is both visually stunning and technically progressive.

    We have taken what could have been a traditional, flat LED screen and twisted in into something that can truly be called art. While people inside the building walk through the atrium, crisp images are being played on the LED screen above their heads. The first question on many peoples’ minds: where does the screen begin and where does it end?

    Street Communication is one of the leading LED screen companies, providing custom LED screens for more than 15 years. SC is a team of designers, architects and LED engineers that share the same passions for new technology related to LED display.
    Street Communication add a design and architectural touch to any type of LED screen display, We partner and make collaboration with top architects and designers in order to bring sophisticated, elegant, unconventional and innovative type of LED display shape.
    One of the signatures of Street Communication is the transparent LED screen. We have done more than 15 installations and now know all the challenges and benefits of using this fantastic technology to turn your windows glass façade into a remarkable display screen. To know more about our design check: www.streetcommunication.com

    LED screen flexible installation

    LED screen flexible result

    Street communication is also specialized in all customs LED display screen.

    Amongst our specialities you can find:

    • Flexible LED/ Flexible Strip LED display/Curved LED display
    • Transparent LED/ Architectural LED/LED display architectural/
    • Column LED display/ Cylinder LED/ Donut LED display
    • Ceiling LED display/ LED display screen/ Circle LED/ Custom LED

    Tasks: Design, design proposal, production and installation of the LED structure
    Location : Houston
    Date: 2013

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