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Fine pitch LED wall display for Jean-Paul Gaultier furniture

Fine pitch LED wall display for Jean-Paul Gaultier furniture

Fine pitch led wall result

Client : using a Fine pitch led wall

Punto Consulting is a global design and production services partner for Point Of Sale experiences. With offices in Barcelona and Madrid since 1984. We offer projects for any Point Of Sale setting. With a team of more than 34 people dedicated to creating unique experiences for our clients, helping to build and develop their brands, profile and sales.

Context / environment

Punto Consulting has contacted Street CO in order to have support in finding the best product to fit the custom sizing of the new furniture of the Jean Paul Gaultier that will be

They contacted Street Co’ to help design the LED flexible display presented during the next Furniture for the retail show in Barcelona.that would fit right at the entrance of the new concept store of Mango.

The client has shared CAD drawings of the floor plan and the main objective was to use LED displays to embellish and present the product while creating a ‘Digital 4.0 experience’’ type of atmosphere by displaying content that would fit perfectly the rest of the shop design.

The client would advertise products and news about the brand in a very soft and non-aggressive style.

The brief was simple and straightforward:

‘What is the best product to create a High-definition flexible LED display at the entrance?’

They also wanted to set themselves apart from all the ‘Deja vu’ luxury concept store.

Solution to Fine pitch led wall

Street Co’ has been appointed as the technical partner to supply the Highly-customized Fine pitch LED wall display turnkey solution while Punto consulting were

managing relationships with customers and creative technology.

We have designed a solution with an LED screen using Pitch 1.66mm with less than 3kg / sqm – Pitch 1.66mm enables the display of enough pixel density to show off the special HD content from Jean-Paul Gaultier.

Each cabinet would be able to work independently and would have its own power supply and receiving cards.

jean-paul gaultier logo

Materials & laboUr

Specification of the display wall LED

  • Screen size: customizable
  • P1.667 Indoor full colour LED display
  • Screen size 800mm x 750mm and 1 pcs
  • backup module. Total 200*150
  • Modules 21pcs.
  • DSJM SMD1010, ICN2053
  • The control system uses a NOVA VX4S
  • LED Model Goldenwire
  • cabinet size (mm) 96 x 96
  • Resolution (WxH) 481× 451
  • Refresh Rate 3840Hz
  • Scan Type 1/8
  • Brightness (nits) 800
  • Indoor use

It took 1.5 days and 2 staff members to accomplish this project.

Challenge to set up a Fine pitch led wall

The challenges were mainly for the installation, including

  • Alignment
  • Integration of the modules
  • Size of the cabinet

Impact : Fine pitch led wall

Great product for the furniture.


  • Engineering CAD / 3D / Grasshopper /
  • Installation
  • Prototyping


engineering fixation system

engineering fixation system

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