EVA PAD packshot



  • All-in-one giant Pad
  • Ultra-thin, only 28mm thickness
EVA PAD hd led tv with fine pixel pitch

HD LED TV with Fine pixel pitch

  • High-integration unit
  • Noise reduction speakers
  • Moveable base
  • Data 1/0 ports
  • Full metal frame
  • Mains Power Switch
  • Universal wheel

High Refresh Display

  • Supports 1080p image input, high-definition picture quality;
  • >3840Hz high refresh rate
  • Excellent performance at low birghtness with high gray scale;
  • Lower power consumption design, common anode and common cathode are optional;
  • Data storage function of the intelligent module can be customized.
EVA PAD High refresh display
EVA PAD ingenious design considering aesthetics and convenience

Ingenious design, considering aesthetics and convenience

Built-in unique immersive noise reduction dual speakers, stereo radio, wide-angle surround. It can also be connected to external camera and audio equipment.

TOPCoB Unique Design Patent

EVA PAD own unique LED surface treatment technology, can achieve high level of anti-collision, anti-water, anti-dust, protecting sccreen effectively, work properly in corrosive, damp and mist environments.

Full flip chip : R/G/B all color Flip chip dies

  • Stronger : Compare to conventional welding line LED, flip chip process use stronger chip soldering materials, the tolerable thrust is high 100 times than traditional bolding LED;
  • Reliability : The solder paste used in flip chip process has a better capacity on heat dissipation than silver paster or traditional LEDs structure;
  • Efficient : Flip chip fixed crystal process only takes 3-5 mins, compare to conventional bolding line LED, saved more than 20 times time, greatly improve production efficiency.
EVA PAD TOPCOB unique design patent

Fast installation, easy maintenance