Screen 4K small and super fine indoor LED screen for Globo TV Studio during football World Cup in russia

Screen 4K and Floor LED form Studio TV Soccer World Cup – Presentation

S treet Communication is a Small pitch LED wall and floor Experts using the finest high definition resolution for the best content result . Our signature service & product, provides tailored High definition for both LED wall and LED floor content, software, and hardware that is specific to our customer’s needs and has been rented and installed worldwide. We proudly build our own software & content for our interactive LED tiles, guaranteeing client satisfaction.

Street Communication has deliver a full description of the product to have the small pitch 1.2mm LED wall and the floor LED ready to use for your specific application. This method will help to shape your Floor Experience.

Alquiler o fijo installation of floor LED – Street Communication will deliver a unique experience to your complete team and customers.

Para el programa que mostrará en el suelo, que puede ser tan creativo como quieras - Todo lo que tiene que hacer es hacer su escenario / definir el disparo.

You can rent those ready to use rental solution for an stage performance, or an eye-catching LED floor. No matter how you choose, Street Communication will deliver a unique and perfect system experience tailored to your needs, goals, system, and expectations.

Street Communication will deliver an LED floor you’ll want to stop and look at, walk over again and again.

Fácil instalación y mantenimiento

Easily fix the module in the structure very fast; customized installation is also available.

diseño de aspecto hermoso

El diseño modular LED transparente y estructura simple que sea más claro y transparente.

Brillo alto

El consumo de energía de LED es menor que la proyección y la pantalla LCD, y todavía es claramente visible con alto brillo incluso directamente bajo la luz solar.

Diseño modular

Based on the most proper pixel pitch, standard modules can be assembled into display in diverse sizes.

Screen pixel pitch 1.2 resolution 4K

High resolution brings delicate display effect, and it is a perfect embodiment of the new generation of ultra-high definition LED display technology. Pixel pitch is 1.2 mm.