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Es Outdoor

  • Outdoor Fixed LED Display
ES Outdoor Packshot

Outdoor Fixed LED Display

Cabinet Size

  • 500x1000x85mm
  • 1000x1000x85mm
ES outdoor Cabinet Size
ES Outdoor Super efficient energy saving

Super Efficient Energy Saving

Adopting dual-voltage power supply, custmized ultra-high brightness led lamp, energy-saving IC, combined with high efficient energy-saving electronic architecture design, 60% energy saved than common LED display. Saving operation and usage cost. Meanwhile, power supply keeps 20% margin, electronic component run under low load for better protection, attenuation is reduced by 50%, and service life is extended.

Easier Installation & Faster Maintenance

  • 100% Support front/rear installation, better adapt to the needs of the installation site, Quickly complete full-screen, installation;
  • Support front/rear maintenance, the power supplies and drives can be maintenance from the front. The power box can be disassembled independently, the module comes with safety rope and folding handle, which is convenient for front & rear maintenance, saving operation cost.
ES outdoor easier installation and faster maintenance
ES outdoor exquisite workmanship wih an original design

Exquisite workmanship with an original design

  • The box is made of aviation-type aluminum, the lightest cabinet weights only 15kg, 85mm thick, which is more than 50% thinner than the conventional DOOH box. Lightweight, high structural strength, saving the cost of the whole screen.
  • The unique modular design simplifies the internal structure and improves the stability;
  • The key parts adopt CNC machining technology,perfect forging the precise box shape;
  • Large-area heat dissipation structure & fanless silent design greatly improve thermal conductivity and stability.
  • Integrated waterproof module design, front&rear IP65 protection graden higher waterproof performance.
  • High UV grade, strong anti-UV ability.
  • 6063 alminum material, strong anti-corrosion and salt spray resistance.
  • The working temperature of the products is -30-50°C, which can be used under extreme temperature and weather environment.
  • Wireless design for the internal structure of cabinet to improve stability.

Ultimate Display

The mask is treated with a TDR fine texture, which perfectl avoids direct exposure & birght surface structure and achieves ultra-igh contrast. Combined with the 3840Hz refresh rate and high brightness, the outdoor displa is clearer, the color is richer and brighter.

ES outdoor ultimate display
ES outdoor safety and stability

Safe and stability

V-O level fire-proof material to avoid fire hazards, high protection performance.

Flexible Cabinet Size

  • The standard cabinet size is 500*1000mm, 1000*1000mm, and the customized size is 1000*750mm, 500*500mm, satisfy multi-size screen and more application requirements.
  • Universal design of the cabiner, modules with different pixel pitches can be flexibly replaced to upgrade.
ES outdoor flexible cabinet size

Fast installation, easy maintenance