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Enhancing Marketing Campaigns with Transparent LED Films


Transparent surfaces such as glass are normally decorated with static art or even left empty simply because everything can be seen. Adding elements of beautification on transparent surfaces has always proved to be a challenge; however, LED technology has changed all that. The emergence of transparent LED films is transforming windows into fantastic display platforms without the mess as how it used to be with bare windows. Stickers, paint and neon lights simply do not cut it anymore as they say to have media impact. The LED industry has come up with transparent LED films that are coupled with adhesives often regarded as ‘transparent LED’ which has created a multitude of possibilities for transparent surfaces. The LED film is highly transparent which means that the design of the original facades remains intact and visible. In other words nothing about the original aesthetic change, but what happens is that when the switch is flicked – everything gets a whole lot better!

Marketing is an element that should never be taken lightly as the representation of marketing plays an integral role in defining a brands market position and its commitment to quality. Marketing is all about creating awareness and sending the right message to the consumers and hence, it is imperative that whatever platforms, vectors or elements used to send the message across retains the brand message. These self-adhesive LED films bring about a new era in not just display advertising, but it also presents an opportunity for businesses to enhance the aesthetic value of their premises which automatically enhances the presentation of the business.

The main reason as to what make these self-adhesive transparent LED films a success factor for glass surfaces is mainly due to the high level of transparency that they offer in any shape or size without the unsightly components that in most circumstances could be seen through transparent surfaces such as glass. These invisible PCB designs offer 95% transparency levels that are also ultra-slim at 1.2 mm thickness. They are also suitable for entire walls of building facades, stores, showrooms apart from glass or transparent surfaces.

how using a adhesif transparent led display ?

unlimited possibilities with transparent adhesive led screen

The immense possibilities that could be derived from the ‘Invisible-30, P31.25 mm Film Self-Adhesive LEDs’ are virtually limitless. They could be built into any shape or size and resolutions are adjustable which means that these products can handle just about any type of graphics and their durability and versatility make them cost-effective in the long run. Leading industry giants in the sphere of the LED industry (i.e. Street Communication) often promote the Invisible-30, P31.25mm and the Invisible-62, P62.5mm LED transparent films as their primary product in their portfolio due to several reasons, among which include:

Light Weight & Thin

The products from this category are extremely light at 2 KGs per square meter and when this feature is coupled with the product’s thinness at 1.2 mm as well as the softness makes installation easy immaterial of the shape and size of the installation surface

Highly transparent

These products are highly transparent at 95 % which means the backdrop of the transparent surfaces are undisturbed and backdrop aesthetics are maintained.

Highly Durable

The transparent LED units are highly durable and are coated with UV protection and still provide high transparency and project with full colour

Customisation & Cost-effectiveness

The high level of customisation that these products allow is unmatchable due to the high resolution/ full colour that it has to offer. These transparent LED screens virtually subscribe to the ‘Stick & Play concept’ which is among the reasons that they are known as ‘LED glass’ products.

Flexibility and Durability

Transparent LED films are extremely flexible and durable making them more versatile than any other media vector

Pixel Pitch Size

Products classified under the transparent LED glass/ screen or film category offer various pixel pitch size configuration depending on the need (note: the smaller the pixel pitch, the closer the viewing range, the higher the resolution and cost). These Transparent LED screens also offer high levels of brightness (2000/ 4000 NITS Brightness) and although they come in sizes of 500 mm x 500 mm or 700 mm x 700 mm (max size), they could be combined to cover any space without having to worry about the size and shape of the area.

Commercial Use with ADHESIVE LED SCREEN

As mentioned earlier any elements used for marketing activities require advertising solutions that do not compromise on quality. Thus to remain relevant and competitive it is not just important to keep up with current trends but to move ahead of these trends if awareness is part of a campaign. Invisible or transparent LED screens are effective in delivering messages to the masses simply because the quality of projections and high transparency create a ‘holographic-like’ presentation which never fails to attract attention.

Transparent LED screens are promoted by companies like Street Communication because these companies have seen the impact that these transparent LED screens have on the masses first hand. Apart from that, the fact that these products can be combined like LEGO blocks to create screens of any shape or size (custom shapes), making them perfect for not just glass windows, but also entire building facades. The level of the quality of the images projected by these screens are crisp and captivating due to the colour range (full colour) and as we all know, the quality of visuals plays an integral role in influencing the decision-making process of potential customers.

customize your space with TRANSPARENT ADHESIVE LED SCREEN

Invisible or Transparent adhesive LED films do provide a level of flexibility and customisation like no other product, especially with technicians from companies like Street Communication who are leaders within the sphere of the LED industry. Everything from brightness (2000/ 4000 nits) to pixel pitch size, from its size and the shape to graphic video controller cards is customisable, which make these LED products superior mainly because customers can pick and choose what they want without many obstacles. These products could be easily regarded as the best of the best among not just LED products, but any media solution.

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