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LED displays are produced in all sorts of shapes, sizes and resolution and the specifications are largely dependent on budgets. Due to this reason, budget displays have become vastly available in markets that cater for a wide range of purposes that range from low-end use such as monitors for security purposes at command centres, or to provide visuals at meetings or just as a television. Other purposes for economical LED display solutions include use for education in classrooms or even at hospitals to monitor patient conditions. There are many economical LED displays that are available in the market for both domestic and commercial purposes, but according to Street Communication, the Koala product series is the best in its class trailing close behind the Goldfinch series.

Budgets & LED Displays

Purchasing a display unit for any purpose is often limited by budgets; hence compromises have to be made in order to have displays that strike the perfect balance between price and product satisfaction. However, this compromise should always be within the spectrum of requirements and hence finding the right LED display product with all the right features and priced right is quite a challenge. Most budget displays have limited features which eventually lead to higher costs as they features may not be suitable for all required purposes, hence acquiring display units within given budgets was an uphill task until the arrival of the Koala LED product series which is a perfect economical display solution that can also be mounted directly on walls and are almost similar from a functional perspective to high-end LED display systems such as the Goldfinch. This article will look into the technical specifications of the Koala LED display series that Street Communication offers clients under its economical display solution packages.
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Technical Specifications of the Koala

The pixel pitch sizes of the Koala come in eight different categories starting from 1.2 mm, 1.4 mm, 1.6 mm, 1.8 mm, 2.0 mm, 2.5 mm, 3.0 mm and 3.7 mm. Accordingly, the resolution of the cabinets also fall into eight categories parallel to the pixel pitch sizes of the SMD LEDs which are 384 x 432, 320 x 360, 288 x 320, 256 x 288, 240 x 270, 192 x 216, 160 x 180 and 128 x 144. The cabinet’s size for the Koala comes in two modules which are 240 (W) x 270 (H) x 12 (T) (mm) and 480 (w) x 540 (h) that is flanked by a cabinet area of 0.26 square metres weighing at 5Kgs or at 9.5Kgs for the larger module. The pixel density (dot/ m2) of the Koala also varies according to the pixel pitch sizes and cabinet resolution starting from the highest 640,000, 444,444, 355,555, 284,444, 250,000, 160,000, 111,111 and 71,111 with a flatness rate of approximately 0.15 mm. The maintenance aspect of the Koala is similar to that of the Goldfinch which is full front loading and operation features which allow the Koala just like the Goldfinch to be mounted on walls permanently if necessary or required. The Koala is also manufactured using die-cast aluminium.
Other unique aspects of features of the Koala includes brightness and colour correction functions which make the Koala second only to the Goldfinch which makes the Koala a ‘top of the line’ product under the ‘budget or economical LED display solution category’. The brightness or Nits for these LED display units according to Street Communication is approximately 600 Nits (between 400-800 Nits) with the colour temperature averaging at 6500K which is adjustable between the range of 2000k to 10,000k. The Koala also offers a wide viewing angle of 140 degrees for both horizontal and vertical perspectives which is only about 20 degrees short of what the Goldfinch offers. The refresh rate for the Koala is adequately high at 1920Hz with a size ratio of 8:9 (2K resolution) which means that image smoothness would not be an issue in any given scenario. Wall mounting could be accomplished by using a flange that is only 35mm thick which allows the display to be directly mounted to walls for both pre-installation and pre-maintenance purposes. The components for the module include an adapter board, a receiving card and a dedicated power supply unit that offers a Wide Voltage Power Supply Ratio of 200 – 240 (V).
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The Koala is among the few economical yet high quality LED display solution that could be applied for numerous scenarios. For instance, the Koala LED display units are highly recommended by Street Communication for command centres, as a monitoring component for medical equipment, be used as primary displays at convention halls, boardrooms or even classrooms and lecture halls. The units are highly reliable, project crisp and smooth images due to the powerful LED driver and high-end IC or circuitry that manufacturers have integrated into these high-performance systems that are also exceedingly durable.

According to Street Communication, among the biggest proponents of the Koala include medical institutions, educational institutions, security solution providers, industrial process monitoring and the average consumer who uses it as a TV.
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Although the Koala is categorised as an ‘economical LED display solution item’ a spokesperson from Street Communication reiterated numerous times that the Koala performs better than most ‘high-end LED display series’. According to the spokesperson, the Koala is extremely durable, delivers very high-quality images (smaller pixel pitch size units) and depending on the viewing distance, even the 3.7 mm pixel pitch size unit is top of its class in the market despite the lower price tag. The reason for the lower price tag according to Street Communication has much more to do with the ‘production of scale’ of the units rather than the unit’s performance, quality or functions. The Koala LED display units could be easily passed off as a Goldfinch if the Pitch Pixel Sizes and the LED type are not factored into the equation. The choices that consumers have to make when it comes to purchasing LED displays often leads them down a technical path that often results in them paying too much for too little. The Koala was made to solve this issue dead in its tracks!

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