E10A Series LED Mesh packshot

E10A Series

E10A Series

  • The Era Of Fixed Product For Rental Use Have Come
E10A Series LED Mesh packshot

Product Features

  • These products are made by SMD 3535RGB high brightness LED with big view angle.

    Use Taiwan Epistar chip, with high Brightness, light color consistency, good color saturation Strong stability etc.

    With special buckle construction,for all kinds of board. Directly to install after dig the holes, easy and quickly, very convenient.

    With PU glue sealing, not easy to crack, waterproof and high product protection.

    The wire and shell are resistant to cold, UV

    and flame retardant material, suitable for long-term outdoor use.

Specification Light Distribution Curve Size Chart

  • Application :
    – Building lighting decoration
    – Media facade lighting
    – Large shopping mall exterior
    – Entertainment or stage lighting, such as clubs and KTV Hotels led screen

Connection Diagram

Project case

E10A Project Case LED Mesh
LED Mesh project case E10A
E10A Installation DIagram

Installation Diagram

Using mounting bracket can be wall mounting.