Digital video wall display of waterfall in lobby


One of the best lobby LED wall display in Japan


Daiwa House Group is a group that co-creates value for individuals, communities, and people’s lifestyles. Daiwa House Group is the leading homebuilder in Japan, offering a wide range of construction services to la

ndowners, commercial and industrial investors. It’s based in Osaka and owns around 90 subsidiaries working the in real estate sector. It was founded in 1955 as a construction company.

Not only do they operate in Japan, but also in the Philippines, United States, China, Australia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Mexico, Myanmar and Thailand.


Street Co’, has been contacted by Daiwa House group to help to develop this LED wall in the main lobby of their building located in Tokyo.

After a long brainstorming, Daiwa House group’ design team and his team has finally decided to create some functional and innovative digital touch at the lobby entrance.

An LED video wall within the lobby of any corporate headquarters in in the world creates one of the most visually dynamic and stimulating commercial real estate spaces in the city.

We have installed this huge LED wall Lobby Display located in Japan.

Creating this unique display in their lobby will absolutely help the newly created building to entertain visitors, partners, and customers. This LED wall display has for objective to help retain customers and bring them a fun and playful environment.




For this project we used our small pitch indoor product Pitch 2.6. This product was particularly suitable because of their ability to realise any shape with ease. So we built 2 LED wall display screens of 26.5sqm based on 2.6 pitch.

Here are the advantages of the product

High contrast and good color reproduction, outstanding image quality

Weights only 8.5 KG

Full front and rear installation and maintenance

  1. Front maintenance: modules and power box can be easily dismantled via the maintenance tool from the fornt of the screen
  2. Rear maintenance:the magnetic power box cover can be opened with 2 seconds,maintenance efficiency is much higher

Multiple installation ways available

Using this product is particularly suitable as there are many options of installation

  • 1.Wall surface mounting to save space
  • 2.Stacking
  • 3.Hanging

Flexibility and creative possibility

1.Curved angel degree:±7.5°、±5°、±2.5°、0° (Curve system optional)

2.Dislocation splicing available

Standardized modules

  1. There is only one standardized modules and it is compatible with different cabinets
  2. One cabinet can use modles with different pixel pitch

Single person operation

One person can instal and dismantle the cabinets,both time and labour saving.



Engineering of the attaching system of a wall display LED screen for a lobby


The screen was composed by


  • 33 tiles of 1000mm x 500mm and 3 tiles of 500mm x 500mm
  • The pitch used was 2,6mm small pitch
  • For a total resolution of 2,496*960px
  • Consumption Max 16A (17.6 KW.H) – Average 6A (0.66 KW.H)
  • 2sqm spare parts
  • CPU Unit: i7 – 8GB ram – Hard disk 512 SSD
  • Distance screen to control room 41’
  • Production time was 25 days
  • Delivery time was 30 days by sea
  • Screen depth: 60mm thickness
  • LED legs support structure between: 72mm to 101mm adjustable
  • 8 games tailored to this project




Parameter EI-Plus 2.5
Pixel Pitch 2.5mm
Cabinet Resolution 200*200
Cabinet Weight 8kg/pcs
Cabinet Size(W*H*D mm) 500(W)×500(H)mm x82mm
Brightness 1000cd/m2
View Angle 140°(horz.), 140° (vert.)
Max Power Consumption(W/pc) 180

How to choose the right configuration for a wall LED display

We have sourced many suppliers from around the world to find the best factory to deliver the product. Here are the LED components the most important to check prior placing an order:

  • Driver IC
  • LED connection Golden wire/copper wire
  • Refresh rate
  • LED brand
  • Brightness
  • Cabinet material Steel / aluminum
  • Attaching system

Our team can help to make the best decision to have the best product according the requirements.



The screen was composed by


  • The screen was attached against the wall
  • We used 5 conduits to bring power through 10 circuit
  • 2 Signal input One working as back up and one as a main signal
  • Size: Length: 19’10″
  • LED Model Goldenwire
  • Module Size (mm) 250×250
  • Tile size (mm) 500×500 – 1000×500
  • Resolution (WxH) 96×96
  • Driver MBI SMD – 2121
  • Refresh Rate 3840Hz
  • Scan Type 1/8
  • Brightness (nits) 1000
  • Led Brand Nationstar
  • Both indoor and outdoor use


How to build a digital waterfall LED wall display screen for a lobby


Transforming a sterile area of plain and beige taste-less wall, with a 46sqm LED screen was installed to liven up and bring an uber-dynamic sensory experience to a quite ordinary commercial office lobby. Options for visually magnetic motion content are endless within such a vast and custom LED shape canvas, Our customer partnered with a design company to Digitally create an innovative optical animation.

The Water Wall is an hyper-realistic cascade of water – essentially and literally a fluid visual simulation. The concept is in direct harmony with the huge screen’s shape, with the added visual riddle of splash ebbs and flows around edges.

A synchronous sound design further captures the energy of a bustling and, at times, bursting active lobby space.


(1) Fluid Dynamics Challenge: True-to-life fluid dynamics using only computer-generated graphics was a major challenge.

(2) Motion Challenge: Because of the powerful intensity and the rapid, dense visual texture of rushing water, it was important to create a realistic eye-catching experience but not one so ferocious that it would create vertigo or motion-adverse feelings in viewers.

(3) Rendering Challenge: The massive template (3K resolution) for the Water Wall created a huge challenge for rendering the final video.


(1) Real-time physics engines were created to perfect the natural movement of water. This produced such realistic-looking water that it even fooled many people on social media, who believed it was a waste of water. In fact, no water was used in the creation of the piece.

(2) The actual speed of the Water Wall had to be slowed down to be both soothing and believable.

(3) For the massive render, a render farm was used, running more than 70 servers for three weeks to complete the project.


The Water Wall creates a sensation of pure energy as the visual and aural rush of water generates a feeling of fresh anticipation and carefree exuberance. Every day, people walk through the doors of the lobby only to snap a photo on their smartphones. It’s definitely something the passersby and visitors haven’t seen before.

Our LED wall display screen is very similar and was inspired by to Salesforce video wall display in San Francisco lobby’s building.