Did you know that you can turn your skin into an actual LED display?

    Researches in Tokyo developed these super-flexible electronic displays that are actually world’s thinnest displays with a thickness of 3 micrometers so that is 0,003 millimeters thick, this is 13 times thinner that a human hair. Incredible right?!

    These immersive electronic displays that are embedded with minuscule LED lights that you can adhere to your skin are not only the thinnest electronic displays ever but they’ve also overcome a bunch of really important challenges that came with the launch of these displays on the market.

    So what is different about this version?

    First off, these futuristic displays produce less heat than the previous versions – which is important when applying them directly to bare skin, it also use up less power, which means they can be used for longer stretches of time and on top of that it’s durable than other versions.

    How do they managed to do that?

    Researches from the University of Tokyo figured out that they could insert a special protective layer, that is called a passivation layer, into the display film.

    What does this passivation layer do exactly?

    • it prevents it from breaking or stretching too thin when you flex your skin
    • it holds everything together
    • it protects the components from the elements


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