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Diamonds II Series

Diamonds II Series

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Seamless wall mounting installation, iP65 LEvel Protection

The back of this product adopts an IP65 fully enclosed cabinet structure, which can pla the role of waterproof and dustproof on the back, preventing dust magazines from entering the inside of the cabinet : ensuing the protection standarss under responsible conditions, increasing the service life of the product, and saving on-site use space.

Seamless wall mounting installation IP65 Level Protection Diamond II Series
Customized option with various cabinet sizes diamond II Series

customized option with various cabinet sizes

According to the installation sizes of different environments, this product can be customized with various sizes of cabinets, which is easier to install and meet more needs of customers.

HDR High Dynamic & High Refresh Rate Displat

The system data is processed in depth, and the HDR high dynamic picture is finely imaged in the low-brightness and high-gray colleagues, which enchances the layering of the dark nd bright pictures, making the scene more realistic and the colors more vivid, equippedd with anti-gamma correction technology, and experience 384Hz high refresh and the dynamic expression of color reproduction.

Product featurees BSU63L
top cob supported bsu63L

top-cob unique design patent

The product has unique LED surface treatment technology, which can achieve high-level collision-proof, water-proof, and dust-proof, effectivelyy protect the screen, and can work normally in environments such as corrosion, moisture and water mist.

Fast installation, easy maintenance