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    LED stair display, a contemporary way to reinvent your Stair Cases

    As we create various LED screen designs, at Street Co’, we also find innovative ways to enhance the urban environment; such as LED stair cases.

    Our team will manage to find the screen type that suits the best your project, with the best resolution possible. Those LED stairs will attract people and you will see the number of customers increase rapidly. This support is a good solution to enhance, broadcast commercials or just communicate on upcoming events and products.


    Those lighted stairs were made with the finest LED screens technology. These type of screens are specially designed for installations such as :

    – stages

    – bars

    – shoppings malls

    – elevators

    – showcases

    – stairs


    They are the perfect solution to enhance and reinvent objects that the human eye is used to see. It is an innovative way to emerge from other public utilities and attract attention. It can be used for commercials or just artistic purpose. Those screens have a high refresh rate and high gray scale make it more vivid, meeting the requirements of high visual quality of commercial use. They are featured with strong glass that allow high weight pressure and have a strong shock resistance.

    led screen stair cases

    LED stairs display features:


    • High quality SMD 3 in 1 LEDs allow a large viewing angle and excellent visual effect
    • Simple structure design, easy and convenient to dismantle or maintain
    • Ability to display any contents on real time
    • High brightness and long lifespan.

    The Lido is a cabaret and burlesque show located on the Champs-Élysées in Paris, France. It opened in 1946. It is known for its exotic shows including dancers, singers, and other performers.

    Franco Dragone has requested Street Communication to design, produce, install and maintain a 16 steps LED staircase.

    Street communication is specialized on the design, production and installation of LED stair display indoor and outdoor from Pitch 1.9mm to 12mm outdoor. Street Co can design any custom made LED screen with any size and shape. We have a team of structural and LED engineers to come up with all calculation engineering drawings.

    When building an LED staircase one fo the biggest challenge is to work from an existing one. All LED screen modules need to be tailored to the existing structure.

    The particularity of Lido’s staircase was the fact that it’s a dismantled staircase that fall into 3 independent pieces. Each show require to dismantle the staircase 40 to 70 times.

    Therefore the challenge for our team of indoor LED stair specialist was to design a light, solid, reliable, modular and easy to assemble LED staircase.

    Stair Case LED Screen display installation process :



    We remove the front of each step (Riser) without touching the top of each step and instal the LED to fit your stairs. We then add a strong transparent plexiglass for protection of the LED and your stairs.



    LED staircase screen display

    LED lighting display for stair




    The staircase had to be refurbished to accommodate and fit the newly created indoor LED staircase pitch 7mm modules.

    See here the staircase prior installation.

    We have worked very closely with Lido art directors and Luminescence LED to safely install and bring the magic to Franco Dragone.

    If you are interested to equip an existing or build a new staircase with LED feel free to fill in the form here and our team will be glad to help.

    Amongst our specialities we can find:

    Flexible LED

    LED stairs

    – Curved LED display

    – Transparent LED

    – Architectural LED

    LED display architectural

    – Column LED display

    – Cylinder LED

    – Donut LED display

    – Ceiling LED display

    – LED display screen

    – Circle LED

    – Custom LED

    Client: Lido Paris – France

    Tasks: Design, proposal design, production and installation of the LED staircase

    Lieu : Champs Elysee – Paris (France)

    Dates : 4 December 2014 –


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