Cylinder flexible LED screen Indoor Pitch 6 mm. Lisbon, Portugal, Estádio do Sport Lisboa e Benfica

    Mind trooper, which is specialized in development and design, has requested our services to design a vertical curved cylinder fixed on the roof of the main entrance of Benfica’s stadium. We used LEDs with pitch 6 mm with 1500 nit (brightness). The cylinder starts from the roof of the first floor (right picture) and passes through the roof of the main entrance to end up above the counter (left picture). The cylinder is designed to make an up and down movement between the ground and top floor. That stunning engineering has been realized by street communication engineers and and design team.

    Our LED engineers and LED product designers have come up with a stunning visual solution equipped with a flexible and curved LED display.

    Mind trooper was responsible for the complete art direction for the project, and Street Communication designed and manufactured the flexible and curved LED column, and did the necessary engineering and stability calculations.

    Street communication is also specialized in other custom LED display screens.

    Amongst our specialities one can find:

    • Flexible LED
    • Flexible Strip LED display
    • Curved LED display
    • Transparent LED
    • Architectural LED
    • LED display architectural
    • Column LED display
    • Cylinder LED
    • Donut LED display
    • Ceiling LED display
    • LED display screen
    • Circle LED
    • Custom LED

    Client: Mind trooper

    Tasks: Design, proposal design, production and installation of the LED structure

    Location : Lisbon, Portugal, Estádio do Sport Lisboa e Benfica

    Dates : 2015