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Cylinder flexible LED display screen for Deniz mall Baku Azerbaijan

Cylinder flexible LED display screen for Deniz mall Baku Azerbaijan

Cylinder flexible donut led Result Video

Client : deniz mall choose a Cylinder flexible donut led

Deniz mall is a stunning new leisure and entertainment centre on the Caspian sea.

The original concept was designed by Chapman Taylor in 2007. Chapman Taylor’s London studio was appointed to provide the interior design services in 2017. 

It’s a complex geometric design co-ordinated in BIM A ‘flame’ tower is the centrepiece of eight star-shaped wings

inspired by Azerbaijan’s national emblem. The development’s complex geometry was modelled by Chapman Taylor in BIM software, as well as deliverables including drawings, schedules and visualisations. Five levels of entertainment, leisure, F&B and retail, as well as a restaurant located in the central viewing tower. Area: 120,000m² GBA

Context / environment

Pasha Group is one of the largest established companies in the Republic of Azerbaijan and is engaged in a wide range of business activities, primarily in property development and construction, tourism, insurance and banking.

Pasha construction was in charge of the construction of the complete mall and has subcontracted Street Co to help in designing the 2 cylinders LED flexible display surrounding the curve fountain frame.

Street Co’ has been appointed as the technical partner to supply the complete 2 cylindrical LED display screen turnkey solutions while Aqua Fun Project install Multifunctional water complex includes:

  • acrylic pool with underwater lighting with a diameter of 12m and a depth of 6m.

  • platform stage rising from the bottom of the pool

  • multifunctional structure of the perimeter and central fountains

  • two-round water graphics curtains

  • ramified multilevel stage light system

  • autonomous centralised sound system

The client shared CADdrawings of the floor plan of the mall and the atrium where the LED rings will be located. The main objective was to equip the two-round water graphics curtains

and hide its own structure with a beautiful cylinder LED display.

They also wanted to have a unique signature design and make this shopping mall an iconic destination using those types of elements.

The architectural team of Pasha construction, Aqua fun along with Chapman Taylor’s were after suggestions of design options using our products and technologies to create a circle that could be the closest to the diameter of the round water graphics curtains.

Client objective

  • Create a great iconic destination with a visual experience
  • Create a ‘Wow factor’
  • Increase the time customers are spending in the shop
  • Increase the average spent by the customers

Solution : use a Cylinder flexible donut led

Street Co’ has worked closely with Aqua fun to build a tailored made LED flexible cylinder screen that fits on the two-round water graphics curtains.

The two-round water graphics curtains with high-resolution screens are the main attraction of the Show-complex of water graphics.

Both circles are fixed on steel cables.

  • The first curtain is located at + 10m and has a radius of 8m.

  • The second is fixed at + 27m and has a radius of 4.5m.

On the outside of both curtains, LED SCREENS of high resolution (P1.6 mm) are installed, allowing them to display static and video content. Dynamic images prepared in a special way and synchronized with the general script of the show on the screens, always successfully creating the necessary accents. Screens can also be used for advertising purposes, any announcements and background plots during Mall’s work.

Both curtains stand on a steel truss system where Street Co’ is meant to design an attaching system we were not allowed to drill into the existing structure so we had to design an ingenious system to fix our LED display cabinet to the existing structure.

So having understood the limitations and challenges of the environment.

Our in-house design team proposed visually attractive 3D options of LED display cylinders throughout the water graphics curtains.

Options included ⅓, ⅔ covering to lower the cost.

Our design team is used to our products so we know exactly how to reduce or add design specifications that will impact on both budget and design using the leverage of LED components.

We have started with:

  • Consultation / Brainstorming in collaboration with our in-house design team and Clement Gowlett (UK architects) to find the best-suited hardware that fit both budget and end-customer requirements with several options as mentioned above
  • Price matric showing: Pitch, Resolution, diameters options, quantity, Price and result
  • Proposing 3D visualisation of the final result on the column
  • Creating a full ring section prototype to ensure we have taken into account all potential challenges
  • Detail execution plan with AutoCAD and DWG drawings
  • Team up with metal fabricator of LED cylinders to enable a turnkey solution
  • Engineering of the installation
  • Logistic, transportation and planning
  • On-Site installation
  • Programming

This project has a 3 years free warranty under Street Co’s warranty program.

Diagram showing the signal of the column cylinder LED screen with the resolution and the control system diagram.

The screen runs on 5 electrical circuits that power the LED cylinders in order to avoid a complete blackout if the power were to be cut. Each line holds 3 cylinder rings LED screen and maximum consumption is 25KW. This diagram is for reference to know how the power is being connected. All cables are labelled and directly connected to the control room.

Cylinder flexible donut led Result Photo

Materials & laboUr

Specification of Flex Module Indoor LED Screen: Rigide modules put with an angle made the cylinder

Ring 1:

  • Big Ring: MediaFlexible / P2.6 indoor / LED screen
  • Display size:H:0.625m * W:24.75m;
  • Refresh rate 1920Hz, grey scale 16bits;
  • Meanwell PS and customized Cabinet;
  • Nationstar Copper Wire;
  • Modules: H:5PCS* W:99PCS;
  • 495PCS(move 5pcs from spare part to fill expanding requirement)
  • Driver IC:MBI5124;
  • Resolution: H:240pxls* W:9504pxls.

Ring 2:

  • Small Ring: MediaFlexible / P2.6 indoor / LED screen
  • Display size:H:0.625m * W:15.75m;
  • Refresh rate 1920Hz, grayscale 16bits;
  • Meanwell PS and customized Cabinet;
  • Nationstar Copper Wire.
  • Modules: H:5PCS* W:63PCS,
  • 315PCS(move 5pcs from spare part to fill expanding requirement)
  • Driver IC:MBI5124;
  • Resolution: H:240pxls* W:5048pxls.
  • Control PC: Computer(video card with 4 DP interface
  • Video processor: outputs, 3 PCS monitors 4K)
  • Processor: NOVA Video Controller VX4S
  • Receiving card of NOVA MRV336
  • Multifunction card: Nova MFN-300
  • Brightness sensor: Nova NS060
  • 20 kw, power control
  • View Angle H 160°,V 160°
  • Power Con. Max. : 1200W/m2 Ave: 400Wm2 (TBC)
  • Protective Grade IP31
  • Signal Processing >14 Bit
  • viewing distance >2m
  • Scan: 1/20
  • Contrast > 800:1
  • Compliant Standard CCC、CE
  • Refresh Frame Frequency 1920HZ (Guarantees that the picture will not tingle when using the pickup camera or kinescope)
  • Cabinet material Steel
  • Flex Module Indoor LED Screen
  • LED Config: SMD 2020 LED lamps from Nationstar
  • Brightness: 1000nits/m2
  • Refresh rate: ≥3000Hz(MBI5252)
  • Scan rate:1/13

It took a team of 9 staff including LED engineers, structural engineers and LED technicians 12 days to install this screen.

Challenge : to set up Cylinder flexible donut led

We run into a number of challenges:

  1. Matching the existing diameter of the water ring was a challenge – We had to slightly increase the existing diameter of the ring – We used 99 modules (instead of 98) for the big ring and 63 modules (instead of 63) length for the small ring.

2. Structural engineering: having changed the diameter the fixation system was also challenging to make sure everything was safely installed as we weren’t able to drill into the water ring structure.

3. The sample we initially made help a lot for the onsite assembling.

Cylinder flexible donut led
Quality control at factory

Impact : Cylinder flexible donut led

We knew what to do and turned this metal structure into an eyesore. The bulky steel structure became the canvas for a work of art. Flexible LED panels turn support structure into a large screen.

The LED display fits perfectly into the space and perfectly embellishes the water fountain. The video content goes hand to hand with the product and the show and triggers have also been designed to display advertising or emergency messaging if required.


  • Engineering CAD / 3D / Grasshopper /
  • Installation
  • Technology System Design
  • Interior Design
  • Technology System Design
  • Video/interactive content creation
  • Revenue & Sales Strategy
  • User Experience
  • Prototyping


Cylinder flexible donut led Connexion diagramme

Cylinder flexible donut led Mall picture

Cylinder flexible donut led Fixation system

Cylinder flexible donut led Engineering

Cylinder flexible donut led Quality Control At Factory

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