Custom Architectural LED Display for XBOX One Experience Pod

    Microsoft and The Shopper Agency have come to our LED engineers and LED product designers with a request for a bespoke video game Experience Pod equipped with architectural LED display panels.

    Street Communication’s designers and engineering team have worked hard to come up with an innovative design for Microsoft using custom LED lights that will be visually stunning and technically progressive.

    Visitors to the LED powered Experience Pod will enter through a concealed access panel. Inside, there are flexible LED screens on each wall displaying a video game that the visitor can play with an Xbox One controller. The LED powered gaming pod will simulate the visitor’s presence inside the world of the actual video game. Video games such as Minecraft will be playable on the custom LED strips.

    Street communication is also specialized in all customs LED display screen.

    Amongst our specialities you can find:

    • Flexible LED
    • Flexible Strip LED display
    • Curved LED display
    • Transparent LED
    • Architectural LED
    • LED display architectural
    • Column LED display
    • Cylinder LED
    • Donut LED display
    • Ceiling LED display
    • LED display screen
    • Circle LED
    • Custom LED

    Client: Microsoft

    Tasks: Design, design proposal, production and installation of the LED structure

    Location : London, U.K.

    Dates : Ongoing Project

    Size Architectural LED Display for XBOX One