Creative Flexible LED display column for Rive Gauche’ store, Russia

A smart way to stand out with this creative Flexible LED column display !

Rive Gauche famous Russian cosmetic retailer contacted us, at Street Co’, to add a new creative angle to two of their brand new stores. For the first one, in Pyatigorsk, our designer team and Rive Gauche decided to focus on the outside and placed 4 large Transparent LED screens on the showcases next to the main entrance door.

For the St Petersburg new store, which is way bigger, we decided to create two amazing displays; a Flexible LED column and a Flexible LED vault above the two escalators. Unconventional screens, especially flexible and curved ones are more attractive and eye-catching for two reasons :

* The human eye is naturally attracted to curved or round shapes. Curves, circles, non-angular shapes remind our brain our own human shape that has no straight line or angle. Therefore, when our eye analyses an image, it looks first at round shapes or anything that is close to human lines, squares, lines and angle are noticed after.

* Our global environment is filled with screens and billboards which are mainly flat. Flexible LED displays are uncommon, and so, they are not just “one more screen” in your field of view, they become a unique design object that can be appreciated for the high quality images it displays but also for it’s own shape.

Street Communication supports your project from A to Z !

* Conceptual step; Street co’ provides various LED display Design Options matching the constraints of the environment the display will be disposed in

* Choice of design; our designers create various designs in collaboration with our engineers to enable you to chose the option that suits best your project

* Engineering; our engineering team plans every details for your project, installation time, energy cost, environment constraints, environment capacity, viewing distance, external light, needed brightness or transparency to create the most rentable and durable display

* Installation; nothing to do, just relax ! Our team will come and instal the display in the chosen place, plus, StreetCo’ offers a two years guarantee on all displays !

* Our Installation service includes :

* Product solution design (Including Cabinet/Frame structure design)

* Assembly, LED set-up and testing at our warehouse

* Electricity diagram and solution/requirement design

* Control system set up and design

* Assembly,LED set-up and testing onsite

* Transport & warehouse storage

* Maintenance / Logistic

led flexible display column spb

The human eye is always first attracted by curved shapes

For an entire week our LED engineers worked on the Column and the Escalator to give Rive Gauche the best result with the shortest time.

The Column features :

* 4 meters high Flexible LED panels

* 10 Flexible LED “donut” screens around the column that decrease in size from the top to the bottom

* 4mm pixel pitch Flexible LED display

* a 1500 nits Brightness


The column is a central piece of the store’s design, it is in the widest hall and goes from the floor to the ceiling. It displays design video content ordered by Rive Gauche and created by our team of artists.

Street Communication supports your project from A to Z; we create incredible screen designs, creative video contents, install your display and offer you a two years maintenance guarantee !

See the escalator installation and details here