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Create any floor game with Interactive LED floor displays equipped with sensors

Create any floor game with Interactive LED floor displays equipped with sensors

Recreate a digital interactive LED floor basketball court

We are used to see basketball courts in between walls or in stadiums, places where people come to gather, spend energy and a good time. You can now play with this interactive basketball court game in various and surprising places.

We at Streetcommunication, love sports, games and innovative ideas. So we combined those two passions and spent a year developing and designing a great system which combines hardware and software to bring to life a basketball court pitch in any place.

This Interactive LED display floor is equipped with sensors that react directly to pressure and transform it into a human interface technology. You can create any game or interaction you want.

This interactive LED floor is a perfect solution for fixed installation and rental events. The only limit is your imagination.

Dance floor in nightclubs/ Exhibitions/ Fairs/ Festivals/ Airports/ Sports exhibitions/ Shopping Malls/ Any children related event/ Fixed installed into hotels, bars, theaters, operas and other entertainment venues

Or as you can see on the videos, a basketball court above, or a giant electrical piano bellow. It is a fantastic way, also, to entertain kids and adults, in an interactive and playful way. This futuristic products attract and distract every one, it is an endless playground. Our team is here to help and listen to your story in order to match your desires.

Using LED technology as hardware elements on this products is 100% more efficient than using projection, it reacts directly. It is more : Robust/ Precise/ Stable/ Solid/ 4000 nits above High brightness/ daylight working LED dance floor/ IP65 waterproof protection/ 2000 KG loading capacity/ Adjustable height support base/ Anti-Slip PC module masks/ High precision Interactive sensor/ Fast touch response/ Fanless design Die-casting cabinet/ No noises in working.
Special design repairing tool can taking single panel out of one big screen to do maintenance

Groovy shoes
Bass beat
Jelly fish

*In contrast to interactive projections, the LED interactive floor reacts directly to pressure, does not create any shadow and has more vivid colors and brightness. The LED can light at any time of the day, regardless the brightness of the environment where it’s been installed.

Read more about our first interactive piano project in London, in 2013 !

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