Conquering Restrictive Window Displays via Transparent LED Screens

    Attracting visitors into venues usually depends on an element of ‘attraction’ and this could be low prices, new product releases, events or aesthetics that draw crowds to the venue simply because of the way they look. It is often deemed as a ‘pull factor’ among marketers in their application of push & pull tactics in marketing. Aesthetics has always been a predominant factor for any given venue regardless of the industry in a sense that the more attractive or interesting something looks, the more interest or attention it draws to itself. This brings as to windows or glass facades at venues such as retail outlets which among others include jewellery stores, exclusive watch stores, fashion outlets or even local grocery stores or a pet store. The point is that most retail outlets such as these have glass windows that usually carry signs or have neon signage that in most instances are backed by a decorated platform. This conventional format of window displays has been observed to be losing its appeal among the younger digital generation who just happens to be the biggest consumer group that the planet has ever seen. However, all hope is not lost with regards to the ‘dull’ window displays thanks to the development in LED technology. Transparent LED screens that enhance window displays for facades are quickly becoming a phenomenon among venues that intend to make a statement about their businesses using the latest developments in LED technology. So what are these Transparent LED screens? Read on to find out more.

    Transparent LED Products

    Transparent LEDs are LED products that are invisible when placed on glass surfaces. This means that these ‘screens’ which are extremely versatile and flexible could be fit on glass windows or glass facades of buildings regardless of the shape and size of the window of glass façade. Unlike previous ‘window décor lights’, Transparent LED glass displays do not have unsightly fixtures and wires running about making the windows look ugly during the day and the aesthetic appeal is only visible at night. Even then these glass décor lights are static and uneventful and in most case scenarios, people eventually get bored or tired of looking at them.

    In contrast, Glass LEDs or Transparent LED (however you want to call it) are transparent through and through due to its transparent rating of 99.7 % which means that regardless if they are on or off, they do not impede or distort the aesthetics of what is behind the glass surface. These displays could be left on even during the day as they are bright enough to make the difference in the ‘appeal levels’ of the window. Industry frontrunners such as Street Communication have successfully installed these Transparent LED products across the

    European continent stretching from St. Petersburg, Russia and China right up to their home base in Paris, France. The reason as to why companies such as Street Communication seem to ‘push or recommend’ Transparent LED displays to the masses is due to the fact that these LED products are not only extremely durable, flexible and versatile as mentioned earlier, but they are also easy to install, easy to maintain, consume relatively low amounts of energy and are customizable in dozens of ways.

    Transparent LED Applications

    In Glass LED

    Glass building LED screen

    The fact that Transparent Glass LEDs are so flexible, their application is limitless. It does not matter if the glass window is a hundred feet tall and 50 feet wide and curved at a certain degree; these displays could be modified to fit with relative ease. From the Rive Gauche in Pyatigorsk that have flat windows (another successful project by Street Communication), Transparent Cylinder LED fixtures in China towards covering the entire glass façade of a building (Passage Shopping Centre) to creating LED staircases in Printemps, these screens have been consistent with regards to their effectiveness in attracting attention simply because of how they manage to enhance the ‘look of a place’.

    How a business looks on the ‘outside’ says a lot about what customers would be able to expect inside and these transparent LED screens can deliver any messages or present images of the existence of products or services within the venue that potential customers may not be aware. These LED displays can deliver messages about sales offers, present a variety of welcome message, play high-end animations or communicate event proceedings without changing the aesthetic of the facade. The fact that they are transparent means that they could be even installed on solid opaque surfaces such as walls, stairs, shelves, doors, outdoor fixtures and interior columns simply because they will blend in with their environments. This is of course because this glass LED façade display as mentioned earlier has a whopping 99.7% rate of transparency which makes it suitable for any form of display function, especially for media façades.

    The Technical Perspective of Transparent LED

    Drawing with sand display glass led facade

    transparent glass window LED display

    From a ‘technical take’, the fact that these displays are viewed from longer distances, the general pitch-pixel sizes are larger above 3.0 mm to 20.0 mm pitch pixel size, however based on the need and if at all the screen is placed at a spot that allows audiences to view it from close distances, the option to reconfigure is still available. It is worth to note that the lower the pixel pitch size, the higher the resolution and hence, the higher the cost).

    The high levels of refresh rates above 1600Hz make these screens capable of playing even videos and in general allow viewing angles of up to 140 degrees (which is an angle we don’t even view our TVs at home. Apart from that, the fact that these products are lightweight also enables easy and fast installations which is critical towards ensuring business ‘flow’ is not interrupted longer than necessary.


    These Transparent LED displays are taking marketing to an entirely new level and those who have made the transition or in the process of making the transition are in essence strengthening their competitive advantages within their respective industries.

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